13 Tips for Enhancing Google Keyword Ranking

Getting high ranking in major search engines like Google, Bing-yahoo is very important to generate more traffic to your site. The search engines consider many factors while ranking a website. Most important factor is the back-links pointing your site from other sites. Apart from buying back-links by paying money, there are many other methods available at free cost to improve the ranking which are described below

13 Tips for Enhancing Google Keyword Ranking

13 Tips for Enhancing Google Keyword Ranking

  1. Most important thing is to register your site in Google and Bing. By doing this, your website will be listed on these search engines which helps to generate more trafficSubmit to Google
    Submit to Bing-Yahoo
  2. Explore for business related keywords (can use Google Ad words) and choose the right one which can target more visitors for your site. Avoid using meta keywords and generic keywords. Adding important keywords in the URL and in the title of your web page will force the search engines to give more attention to your site.
  3. It is necessary to tell search engines all about your web site letting it to know what are all to be shown in their search result. This can be done by adding XML sitemap in the root directory of your site. You can also add the sitemap in your webmaster tool account for Google and Bing.
  4. Flash, JavaScript, Ajax etc. should not be used for important contents. Instead you can use visible texts. Also avoid frames, hidden texts, and hidden links in your site as search engines cannot fetch the content from them.
  5. Every web page should be linked to other static page of your site. Search engines give high ranking to sites which have more internal links. However the number of links should not exceed 100.
  6. Use short length URLs which are free from session, query strings, cookies etc.
  7. You should differentiate the content part from the presentation part. Separate the CSS files from JavaScript files which helps to reduce the size of your site probably leading to faster loading.
  8. Make sure to include description tag with keyword rich and unique description not exceeding 150 characters. Use ‘alt’ tags to describe the images.
  9. Search engines look for the key words of your web page using the heading tags. So include only one <h1> tag.
  10. Use key word included anchor texts instead of texts such as “go to”, “click here” etc.
  11. The content which you include should be unique, impressive, keyword rich and should be updated regularly. Make sure to include the keywords used in h1, description and titles in contents also. But using it more than limit leads to spamming which will have negative impact on your website ranking.
  12. Social Media is one of the best ways to reach your audiences worldwide. It helps to build your brand recognition and your reputation.
  13. Do maintain your website regularly. Look for broken links and other errors and fit it. Tools like Google Analytics helps to report about your website performance based on which you can take necessary actions to improve the performance.

By following all above tips, you can definitely improve your ranking in search engines.

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