4 Important SEO Techniques for more Website Lead Generation

A website should be built on strong Content Management Platform like WordPress or Joomla etc for more website lead generation.

4 Important SEO Techniques for more Website Lead Generation

4 Important SEO Techniques for more Website Lead Generation

  1. Quality Rich Unique Content
    To get high ranking in SEO results, create quality rich contents that are unique with each page targeting only one keyword phrase. Apart from rich content, strong structure is also very important. The pages should be linked properly with each other. Use suitable keyword anchor texts that are embedded into your URL with correct .txt files.
  2. Embed Correct Keyword
    Embed suitable keywords that targets more searchers into your website. Tools like Google Keyword Tool may help to identify such search terms. Make sure to include only one keyword per page to avoid keyword stuffing which is against Google terms.Include keyword phrase in the Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, H1 Tag and anchor text without overusing it which is also against Google terms.
  3. Get Link Backs to Your Pages
    The website owners have to request online resources to post a link to their web page by themselves. Instead they can use any of following methods to get links to their pages

    • Local listings
    • Search engine submissions
    • Niche Directory submissions,
    • Deep link directory submissions
    • Classified ads
    • Social Media Participation
    • Blog commenting
    • RSS feed submissions
    • Article submissions
    • Web 2.0 backlinks
    • Yahoo Answers submissions
    • Writing blog posts
    • Google Places etc.
  4. Social Media
    Social media is just a supporting strategy for your business reach. So avoid using it before On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

These are the four important SEO techniques to be followed to get more website leads.

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  1. on April 1, 2015
    Aarti Khandelwal says:

    You provide valuable post apart from all this I think Content is an integral part of your lead generation efforts; you can think of it as the fuel for all of your lead generation marketing efforts past and present. You cover all important information regarding SEO.

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