5 Major SEO Mistakes Done By Small Businesses

Many small companies repeat the same SEO mistakes which are explained in this article. By avoiding those mistakes, they can rank better in organic search list.

  1. Using Duplicate/Old Content

Using duplicate or old contents on their site is a big mistake done by many business owners. This will only decline the online visibility of the site. Small businesses should follow the tips given below to enhance their online visibility.

  1. Hire a freelance content writer or a company to create unique content that well describes your product/services.
  2. Frequently update your web page with fresh contents related to your business’s current issues.
  3. Also include your blog within your website on the same server.
  4. Create a comment area for your customers to leave their review.
  5. You can also include videos of your products with its description and newsfeeds to tell your customers about your business updates or latest news.
  6. Using Incorrect Keywords

Next mistake done by small businesses are usage of incorrect keywords. They always prefer keywords which are used by many people to search information without knowing that those keywords will have high competition. They can use following tips for selecting right keywords for their business site.

  1. With a list of keywords of your choice, check at its conversion rate and whether it can target your customers using Google Adwords.
  2. You can also look at other sites related to your business to get some idea in choosing the best targeting keyword for your site.
  3. Many avoid long keywords thinking that they will not work. But lengthy keywords can better target your customers due to less competition.
  4. Including Incorrect or Unrelated Title Tags

Including title tags may look simple but they are effective for ranking. Search engine robots looks at the title tag of your page to know about the content and then index your page accordingly. But small businesses ignore it considering it as less important. Following are some tips for better optimising your page title tag.

  1. The title tags should be related to your page content and also should be unique from each other.
  2. Include keywords in your title tags. But do not overstuff it.
  3. The title tag should not exceed 70 characters. Keep it short and unique.
  4. You can also include your brand label in your title tag.
  5. Using Low Quality Paid Links

Because of low budget and to get the benefits immediately, small businesses will either use low quality links from companies which provides the service at very cheap rate or use paid links. Using such links will make search engines to penalize your site and you have to pay heavy fine which costs more than getting better quality links. Following tips helps you to get good backlinks to your site.

  1. While writing content keep your customers in your mind and write.
  2. Do not use 1600 rpm article spinning software.
  3. Do not submit the articles to article directories.
  4. Post guest articles on other sites and can also give your interviews which will bring quality backlinks to your site.
  5. Not Using Google Local & Google My Business

Still many businesses do not have any idea about Google Local & My Business. Optimising in Google Local & My Business Listing will help for better ranking in local search results. Following are tips for using Google My Business effectively.

  1. Check whether your business is optimised in Google Local & My Business Listing by entering your company name in the Google search bar. If you cannot find your business in the search result, you have to include it in Google Local Listing.
  2. Include brief and unique profile of your business in the about section of Google+ Page.
  3. Add business related interesting images.
  4. Encourage your customers to leave their reviews on your Google+ My Business Page.
  5. Include your Google+ My Business Page link in your website and blog.

Instead of focusing on large and time consuming SEO tactics, using above simple and quick SEO strategies can bring better and fast results.

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  1. on October 21, 2016
    Usman Nasir says:

    Hi Rajendira!
    I agree on most of your points, but I must say that buying any kind of paid links is not a good practice at well. Because if their is a content worth linking, than its all you need.
    Have a good day.

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