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Best Free & Premium WordPress Themes of 2017

Word press has become a popular platform for creating web-pages and with the built in dashboard it offers, users can easily upload and post contents of their interest without needing to know technically about it. WordPress offers a wide variety of themes for different users we have listed out the best wordpress themes of 2016 for different people.

The Best WordPress Themes for Photography:

1. Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme:

The Avada is a Multi – purpose Responsive theme that can mainly suit photographers to their needs of delivering full … Read More »

Google Pixel – A Phone Made by Google

Google Pixel Smartphone

 (The venture of the search giant into the mobile world)

Google is an American multinational company related to internet services and products like online advertising, cloud computing and software. Most of the profit to Google is made by the Adwords an online service that places advertising near the list of search results. Google has made the Android OS that is powering almost every device in the world, Google has always been a company that has been selling to the brands. Recently they have made a great jump into the technology … Read More »

5 Major SEO Mistakes Done By Small Businesses


Many small companies repeat the same SEO mistakes which are explained in this article. By avoiding those mistakes, they can rank better in organic search list.

  1. Using Duplicate/Old Content

Using duplicate or old contents on their site is a big mistake done by many business owners. This will only decline the online visibility of the site. Small businesses should follow the tips given below to enhance their online visibility.

  1. Hire a freelance content writer or a company to create unique content that well describes your product/services.
  2. Frequently update your web
Read More »

How Multilingual Websites Helps To Improve Your Business?


Language translator is a very important tool that makes your business/products reach international customersacross worldwide.

Consistent translator:

Language Translator option must be generic to avoid the difficulties in searching through the Website. You can use Google translated or Microsoft Translator to make your Website a multilingual Website Google Translator is easy to install and is available with nominal charge for commercial Websites. Free Version of MicrosoftTranslation is available only for small Websites.

Multiple Currency Converter

Customers must be able to pay through their country currency while purchasing through your website. … Read More »

Global Investors Meet

Global Investors Meet Chennai

Greetings. State Government is hosting Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet 2015 tomorrow and day after at Chennai Trade Center. Here are the Objectives.

Global Investors Meet Chennai

  • To Showcase potential of the state as the leading and preferred Investment destination world-wide.
  • Provide platform for Networking on Investment and Growth Opportunities
  • Showcase strengths of Tamilnadu.

Expected Participants:

  • Global Leaders & Heads of State
  • Policy Makers from across the world
  • Members of the International Business & Financial Community
  • CEO’s of Domestic and International Corporation
  • Global Trade Associations
  • Academicians and Thought Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs and working professionals

Public … Read More »

Slow Decrease of Mobile Application Developers

Now a days the phrase mobile application developer is slowly getting decreased because no specific tools or developers are required to design those applications. General purpose application development tools incorporated with HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS) have removed the need of using specific mobile application tools and also the need of a mobile developer.

The CTO of Mensagam Techonologies  , LK Rajendra Prasad, said that new tools are always required for newly released softwares or applications. But overtime the general tools will incorporate the unique feature of those … Read More »

Significant Growth of SEO Services in India

Due to the popularity gained by internet today, the demand for SEO services has increased. Online businesses depends more on SEO companies to boost their marketing campaign. So SEO services have remarkably reached all parts of India.

A website which is SEO centric can help you to stay as a lead in your business domain. Usage of keywords that have high search volume can enhance your site’s visibility in search engines. The SEO companies in India are experts in designing such user friendly websites which drives in large amount of … Read More »

How to Build Dynamic Centric Website for Your Business


SEO service is one of the fast growing fields. This is because many companies have started their online business which is the best marketing strategy. The overall aim of SEO is to maximise your site traffic and build a wide consumer base for your business.

There are several factors which makes SEO a success. First hire a well experienced SEO company for all your SEO tasks and make sure that they adapt to latest technologies of SEO. Get regular updates about the development process of each stage from your SEO … Read More »

What is the Importance of Using Links in Website?


Links play a very important role in your website. Only a good working link can increase website ranking and bring in more visitors.

Links – Increases the site traffic

Links provide related information about a topic to your customers. You will have articles on internet with highlighted keywords which when clicked will direct the viewers to your site which maximizes the site traffic.

Links – Catch Spiders

If you add links to your website, Google spiders can find and fetch the contents more easily which will make your site a … Read More »

How to Overcome SEO issues by using WordPress Blogs?

wordprss-seo copy

WordPress is an amazing CMS platform that best supports all types of sites/blogs. Today many designers prefer only WordPress for its exceptional quality. Like other CMS WordPress too comes with many plugins and theme. Sometimes these plugins and theme may cause some visible/invisible damages to your site which may affect your site’s SEO. This article explains about such SEO issues and tips to overcome it.

  1. Change Your Permalink Structure

In WordPress, permalink structure means the URL structure. The default structure of permalink looks odd in WordPress like “default.com/?p=231” which will … Read More »