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I'm Rajendira Prasad - passionate entrepreneur, blogger & digital marketing strategist. I am doing blogs on various niche websites like iPhone7 Reviews & iPhone7 Prices and running a technology company - Mensagam, Real Estate venture Daxcon Builders, also I am working on several other groundbreaking initiatives. Do you want to connect with me, I am available on Facebook & Twitter, Google+ come on let’s Cheer-up.

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Responsive WebDesign

Responsive Web Desgin

Responsive design is one of the latest innovative features of web design which helps a website to fit according to the screen size of users. Other most important advantage of responsive web design is that it helps to create mobile friendly websites.

Mobile supporting websites are very easy to build when responsive web design is used. This website is easy to maintain and supports all devices.

Responsive WebDesign

Responsive WebDesign

Following explains the working of search engines (Ex-Google):

  1. First search engines know about new sites through its backlinks to other third party
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Windows 8 – For New Generations

Windows 8 launch

The new operating system Windows 8 has been released by Steven Sinofsky (head of Microsoft windows) in New York. The operating system built on windows 7 base has underwent 1,240,000,000 hours testing in around 190 countries.

It has been released in about 140 markets with 670 million sales worldwide. Windows 8 which has been launched in 37 languages includes many new features like large scrolling tiles, full screen apps etc. It also includes Charms bar (vertical tool bar) with features such as Start, Search, Share, Devices and Settings. Apart from … Read More »