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How to optimize the website using SEO?


Does your business site appears on the last page of search result? You don’t need to worry. This article lists down SEO tips which will move your site to the top of search result.

  1. Register on Directories

You have to start with directories. Register your site on major directories which will enhance your ranking effectively.

  1. Include Keyword Rich Title Tags

Tags are the texts in the html code of your site which describes your site to search engine robots.

Page Titles:You have to include keyword rich and unique title … Read More »

What is the Use of SEO Reporting Metrics?

seo metricis

In the beginning of every month, it’s very important to track your SEO progress of previous month. This will help you to evaluate the SEO strategies   used and your effort to know the real status of your SEO. This also helps you to know whether your SEO efforts are moving in right path to meet your goal. You can use following steps in your SEO reporting to bring out effective results.

  1. Set correct SEO Expectation

Many people think that SEO is only for ranking high in search engines with the … Read More »

What are all the Common SEO Mistakes?

seo mistake

Many people who run or assist someone to run a website do not have enough SEO knowledge. Due to lack of proper knowledge, they often do five mistakes which will only lead to downfall of the website.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

The basic SEO strategy that can generate more traffic to your site is including best targeting keywords related to your business. These keywords should be included in the contents of your site and blog and also in the page meta data. But overdoing it will lead only to penalization by Google. … Read More »

Simple and Cost Effective SEO Tips.


Simple and Cost Effective SEO Tips

SEO factors like website design, rich content, quality backlinks etc. are time as well as money consuming processes. Hence many small or developing companies cannot afford much for SEO.

Some simple and easy SEO tasks are available that requires only less time and budget but still can bring more traffic to your site.

  1. Check Robots.txt

Some pages of your site which includes rich content, attractive images and other strategies that can drive more traffic may be kept hidden from search engines. So you have … Read More »

What is Social Bookmarking?


Some set of people uses social bookmarking sites instead of search engines to get some information they require. So bookmarking your site with other popular sites will help to drive more traffic to your site.

Social Bookmarking Process

  1. Social bookmarking is a time consuming process. Hence simply save your bookmarks with the keywords related to your site as the tag to a public website.
  2. In this process you have to bookmark three links. First bookmark your site’s webpages, then the webpage that points your website and finally bookmark the content
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How To Plan The Strategy of Web Desgin?

web design strategy

Website – basic communication link between an organization and its customers. So web design is very important which has to be done with proper planning. Following are web design strategies to be considered for designing dynamic website.

  1. Set Goal

First basic step in web design is to identify your exact goal. You have to identify website type and its purpose. You can identify the goal by using card storming method among your stakeholders.

In this method, you can ask your stakeholders to write down website goals in the card and … Read More »

How To Avoid Mistakes In Web Design?

web design mistakes

Every web designer designs a site with the intention of making it success in achieving its goal. But because of some design mistakes the success of their site becomes merely impossible. When people come across annoying factors like slow loading of site, unpleasant color theme and unclear fonts, broken links and too many pop-up windows, they will simply quit and never come back to such sites. So designers have to make sure that the site they design should enhance the comfort zone of users and should make them come back … Read More »

How Twitter Marketing Improve Your Business?

twitter marketing

Over past few years Twitter has gained more popularity and hence it has become the most preferred online marketing platform by many entrepreneurs and marketers. Popular brands like Dell, Starbucks etc. have used this online platform for their marketing. This is because similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter also helps in reaching your consumers and enhances the probability of their engagement very effectively.

Basic Fundamentals

Its very important to know about some basics of Twitter that helps to give a great start for beginners.

  1. Start by identifying some marketing strategies
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How Video Marketing is Powerful?


About 95% of people use internet to get information. This is because internet is the place where you can get all information very easily and quickly. Therefore using online videos as your business marketing strategy will make many to know about your company and about your products/services.

Videos not only help people to get information but also entertain them. So create unique videos for your business that can grab the attention of people and make them engaged to your products/services immediately.

To better enhance your videos, add interactive applications like … Read More »

How to Build your Website SEO Friendly?


With the change of time SEO has also changed a lot. The number of SEO agencies have increased, the role played by each and everyone within the agencies have increased, spamming have been deceased and lot more changes. But still one SEO strategy that is ignored even now is website design.

Your site’s design is the first thing that people see immediately when they open your site. Though your offer reliable service/product or upload trust contents on your site, people will just move out from your site if your site … Read More »