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How to Avoid Mistakes in SEO?

seo biggest mistake

Active blogging on current topics of your niche can bring a lot of benefits to your business. It keeps your audiences engaged to your site and product. It builds trust and strong relation between you and your audiences. It also helps you to reach new audiences. But all these are possible only when your blog is properly SEO optimised. Following are some SEO mistakes that should be avoided.

  1. Overdependence On Keywords

Using keywords is a must to target the type of audiences you want. But using them repeatedly in many … Read More »

Business Benefits of using SEO


This article will explain about SEO in depth and also lists down some business benefits of SEO.

  1. Strengthens Your Marketing Efforts

Sometimes you may find hard to integrate a marketing method smoothly with other plans. But SEO integrates with your current marketing tactics very easily and makes it even more stronger.

  1. More Visibility More Visitors

Sites well optimized for search engines have high rate of visibility online. This means you are doubling the probability of reaching new customers and increasing the conversion rate of your site. Top ranking in search … Read More »

How to improve small business using SEO?

small business seo

Many people do not have positive view about small business SEO. Their notion is that small business SEO requires lot of investments, time and hard work and yet they cannot stand against big businesses. But following points will explain about actual SEO of small businesses and how they help in raising their visibility.

  1. Proper On-Page Optimization

You have to start your effort with proper optimization of on page content and meta fields.  You can take the help of a SEO expert to make keyword research for you. They can guide … Read More »

What is SEO cocitation?


Every year due to updation of Google algorithm, some SEO strategies go out of date while some new concepts are introduced. But some strategies remain the same. Even now links are considered as important SEO factor and some other out dated strategies are now again resuscitating.

SEO cocitation was very popular few years back when Google was penalizing sites with poor quality links. If you are enhancing your SEO strategies which did not work in 2012 due to Google’s Penguin and Panda update, then reshaping SEO cocitation will be a … Read More »

Difference between SEO and Social media?

seo vs smm

In today’s world, gaining importance of social and updates like Penguin and Panda makes many to think that SEO will die soon. But actually if SEO is dead, then social media will also die in few years.

Yes it’s true that social is becoming more significant than before. But because of this we cannot decide that SEO is completely dead. We can consider this as the sign of good transition. We can see some strong strategies losing its importance or completely replaced with other. However, the overall basics remain the … Read More »

What is the use of Professional SEOs?


Some group misguide some business owners to do their SEO by themselves. But since SEO is the deciding factor of your site’s success, not everyone can do it without proper knowledge and practise. So the best idea is to hire a professional for all your SEO activities.

Merely doing SEO to your site without any knowledge or experience will not have any positive impact on your site traffic. Instead will turn your site even worse. Some tools like Google’s traffic tracking tools may help you to some extent. But you … Read More »

How to enhance Local SEO?

local seo

Most of the businesses focus on national/international branding. But now many have started to enhance their local SEO for effective local branding. Even Google is now considering local searches seriously. Following are some tips to rule in your local market.

  1. Take Part In Local Business Activities

Almost everyone thinks that links, contents and ocher SEO strategies alone will help them to be at top in search results. But they don’t realize that those strategies are not stable and they may cause some huge impact if Google releases any new updates. … Read More »

How to create an effective website?


Website design does not only mean the look of your site. It also means the ease of navigation. The time has gone when people were using only desktop computers to access websites. And also people were using up/down arrows on the browser window (at right) to view full page when they didn’t had mouse with scrolling wheels.

Now people are using their fingers for scrolling the pages on mobile devices. So now many websites include only few pages each of which scrolls on to make navigation easier. Even some websites … Read More »

Five Significant Social SEO Strategies


Website design plays a very important role in success of a site. Appearance of the site is the basic factor to attract new visitors. Design does not speak only about the appearance of your site. It also means the ease of using your site in getting exact information. Hence a well designed website is the combination of classy look, easy navigation with concise and unique content.

Following are important factors to be considered in website design

  • Web Page Standardization
  • Web Page Layout
  • Web Page Width
  • Page Background
  • Fonts
  • Content visibility
Read More »

How do Website Quality Decide the Factor of SEO Success?


Website quality – the major factor which decides your SEO success. Search engines update their algorithm frequently to display the websites which gives nice experience to the searchers along with required information in their search result. Site quality plays a very important role in converting visitors into customers and also to retain them. The four important factors on which your site quality largely depend are

  • Unique Design
  • Engaging Content
  • Friendly navigation
  • Fast Loading Page

Unique Design

Your site’s design is the first thing which people see immediately once they log … Read More »