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How to avoid Worst SEO Strategies?


SEO strategies are the one that builds or breaks your site ranking on search engines. Google continuously updates its algorithms to enhance the search experience of the searchers. Google’s Panda and Penguin Update mainly focuses on:

  1. Panda – Sites with poor and thin content.
  2. Penguin – Sites with unnatural links that were built only for search e

The worst SEO strategies that will result in penalty issues are given below.

  1. Using Poor, Thin And Duplicate Content

Contents are the king and will continue to rule in future too. So you … Read More »

Why should your website convert from PSD to XHTML?


A website should be easily accessible for the users which makes them to come back to your site again and again. This is possible by PSD to XHTML conversion which also makes the websites compatible to various browsers. This conversion can be done using various applications for the website that are designed using Photoshop. PSD to XHTML conversion will be useful for people creating themes for CMSs like Jomla, WordPress and Drupal.
Now –a- days many applications are available which has done PSD to XHTML conversion very simple. However, tradition … Read More »

Important Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Page For Enhanced SEO

seo in facebook

Many tips and tricks are available online for optimising your Facebook page. But they may not work as you have expected. This article lists down most prominent factors for optimising your Facebook page which will definitely enhance SEO.

1. Unique Page Title
The first basic step is to give a unique title to your page. Your page title means a lot to search engine bots. So include your business name with best targeting keywords in your title. But make sure that your title is not overstuffed with keywords.

2. Unique … Read More »

How to reduce the bounce rate for your website?


Website bounce rate is the number of visitors who immediately closes your site before viewing other pages of your site.
If your site’s bounce rate is more than 60% then this implies that your visitors are not satisfied with your site. So stick to following techniques to make your visitors stay longer on your site.

1. Test Cross Browser Compatibility
Even after including information rich content and attractive web pages, your site may face high bounce rate. The reason for this will be very simple. Your website will not be … Read More »

Excellent Tips To Escape from Negative SEO


Some website owners use illegal methods to pull down their competitor’s website ranking in search engines. They do this for the downfall of their competitors business and to decease their website rating.

There are many negative SEO tactics used by website owners. The first basic tactic used by them is making low quality paid links to point to their competitor’s site which will affect their ranking. They also do website hacking causing its malfunction, upload negative reviews about their business or report about the illegal SEO tactics of those sites … Read More »

Google’s Annual AdWords at May 5th Set For Livestream

google adwords

On May 5, 2015 at 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET, Jerry Dischler will be hosting a livestream to share these new products. we can watch the 45-minute event live, on the Inside AdWords blog.

Jerry Dischler the Vice President of AdWords, will be hosting the 45-minute livestream, which is available on the Inside AdWords blog.  The theme will be mobile’s growing role in the customer journey

google adworld livestream

Jerry Dischler said in the blog post, that the products that are designed to:

  • Create better mobile experiences for your customers at the
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How to Use the Google+ Effectively?

google plus

Google +, new addition of Google, is a social networking service. This includes Google + 1 which helps users to find useful information. Small business cannot compete with big businesses in search result ranking. But Google + makes even small companies visible in search result along with big companies.

When users get exactly what they are looking for from your website, they can click on Google+ 1 which makes your site to reach the contacts of the users automatically.

Following are some tips for best use of Google+1

  1. Sign Up
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A New Visual Tool Announced by Google For Web Design


Neal Mohan, Google’s Vice President of Display Advertising, has recently announced about Google’s new advertisement app called Web Designer in DoubleClick Advertiser blog. Google Web Designer is being developed to help advertisers and publishers to build creative web ads and web content assests using HTML5. This creative development tool will be available in few months as a separate tool as well as within DoubleClick Studio and AdMob. With the integrated version of the tool, you can use Google platforms instead of building HTML5 creative.

On hearing the name, Web Designer, … Read More »

Which Is Better For Your Site’s SEO – WordPress or Joomla?


The two most used CMS are WordPress and Joomla. This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of both.


Joomla is a popular CMS with which you can have at most authority over SEO of your site. The latest version of Joomla (2.5) is friendlier with SEO. Its advantages are it helps you to modify your URL, to initialise SEF URL, to include global as well as every posts Meta description and Meta keyword. Though it has many advantages, it does not include advanced features of SEO like control over … Read More »

Bing Webmaster Tool Guidelines for Better Search Crawling


Bings recently outed its webmaster guidelines for the website owners to get high ranking in their search engine. You can logon to www.bing.com/webmaster/help/webmasterguidelines-30fba23a  or go to Help under “Content Guidelines” section of Bing’s Webmaster tool to know about the guidelines.

The guidelines include basics about links and social media. But it explains about the topics related to SEO and technical websites in detail. You can also get more information from Webmaster FAQs (PDF) which you can get from Bing Webmaster Tools homepage.

Though they are not as detail as Google’s … Read More »