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Traffic Sources To Your Business Other Than Google

traffic sources

Over dependence on anything will lead to only destruction. This suits o businesses which completely depend on search engines alone for generating traffic. Many business owners think that they need not spend money for generating traffic from search engines. But the fact is that search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and hence you may have to pay more for its demanding needs.

So you have to think about other traffic sources also apart from search engines. Following are some traffic sources which you can use to get traffic to your … Read More »

Tips for Choosing Web Hosting Company

web hosting company

Now -a -days many web hosting companies provide web designing services also for the comfort of their customers which saves their time and money. If you want to start your own website, domain name and web host are required. For this you have to hire a web hosting company and tell them about your requirements. They will register a domain name for you based on your requirement and provides space on their server.

First you have to tell them about the type of website you require- business website or personal … Read More »

Successful marketing Strategies for online business


Promoting your business online is the best way to improve your marketing campaign. Only online business can make your products/services reach international customers across world. A SEO company can assist you in all way to design a website that operates with maximum marketing potential at affordable rate.

Success of a website depends on many factors like website’s layout, content, SEO etc. The most important factor is SEO which brings in optimum results in search engines when your business related keywords are searched. This will add more visitors to your site … Read More »

Significance of Website Design in E-Commerce Business


E-commerce business is one of the fast developing field in which many people have invested. Hence in this heavy competition, the most important factor that differentiates your site is website design.

Website is the connecting medium between online shoppers and vendors. More attractive website can bring in more customers and increases the sales rate. To increase the customer retention rate, you should provide good usability factor for your customers. More the comfort they get while shopping in your online store, the more they will get attached to your site.… Read More »

Integrate Your YouTube Video and SEO for Enhanced Marketing

enhanced marketing

Marketing is the base that helps for business expansion. SEO, one of the powerful marketing strategies, helps your business to reach more people. You can make it still more powerful by integrating YouTube video with your SEO.

After Google YouTube is the second largest search engine. Around 4 billion hours of videos are watched by people every month in YouTube. Since videos are entertaining as well as informative, people prefer videos more for getting required information. Hence by using videos you can attract and engage more people to your business.… Read More »

SEO Checklist for New Startup Business Websites

seo checklist

Startup means there are lot of things that keep us going ahead. It involves staffing, outreach, overhead, paperwork, development, testing and financing. It is very difficult for any startup businesses by their nature regardless of the industry.

While entrepreneurs are expertise in their own field and they are well known in conducting their own online business but they are actually more considerate about the SEO. It is not so important that you need dedicated SEO resources or a marketing team to optimize a website. Instead you can put SEO best … Read More »

Innovative Through Will Improve Your SEO Performance

think different

Do you want to know current innovative SEO marketing strategy for higher online business growth performance here is excellent approach method you should apply on it your marketing strategy

A strategic framework that would enable your search marketing and SEO teams to address customer needsbe strategically aligned globally, and continually innovative and cutting-edge with your recommendations.

Innovator’s DNA was read by our team which addresses a methodology related with that of defining the markets, determining its values, improving resources and their capabilities and sustaining the competitive advantage. In this article, … Read More »

PR, SEO and Content Marketing Are In Same Direction


There is a congregation between PR and SEO instead of fighting it would be better that if they learn from each other.

The recent dispute that whether Google has killed off the PR agency as it sparked live debate within their worlds of PR and SEO. These two disciplines are inseparable and entangled with each other it should have been of more like this in general “’Has Google killed all PR and SEO agencies?”

There are some significant impacts on the recent updates to Google. The not so important or … Read More »

Important Video Promotion & Marketing Strategies


According to ComScore’s research, viewers spend more time on video content than plain texts. Also found by Forrester agency that sites better optimized with video SEO ranks 53 times higher in Google. So these statistics proves that videos also play a very important role in ranking and branding after contents. YouTube is considered as the second popular search engine after Google. Following explains some important strategies of video SEO which helps your video to reach top of the list.

  1. Brand Rich Content

Make sure that your video best promotes … Read More »

List out of SEO Factors in Google SEO Starter Guide


Google webmaster guideline does not include some SEO factors which are as important as content for better ranking. Following are some SEO factors which Google has not mentioned

  1. Keywords

Choosing best targeting keyword is very important for generating traffic to your site. Use keyword research tool to get traffic driving keywords. It is better to choose a short one than long keywords.

Since keywords are one of deciding factors for ranking, choose it wisely.

  1. Links

Links are second most important SEO factor after content. Following are some ways to … Read More »