How to avoid Worst SEO Strategies?

SEO strategies are the one that builds or breaks your site ranking on search engines. Google continuously updates its algorithms to enhance the search experience of the searchers. Google’s Panda and Penguin Update mainly focuses on:

  1. Panda – Sites with poor and thin content.
  2. Penguin – Sites with unnatural links that were built only for search e

The worst SEO strategies that will result in penalty issues are given below.

  1. Using Poor, Thin And Duplicate Content

Contents are the king and will continue to rule in future too. So you have to include unique and information rich content that makes the readers to read more. Don’t just copy others content and include it. Create contents by yourself by keeping your readers in mind.

Next is duplicating content which may result in site death. One of the reasons for this is allowing search engines to index your WordPressdate, category, author or tag archive. So you have to install WordPress SEO plugin and enable “no-index follow” to archives to inform search engines to stop indexing the archives. Also make sure that no same content is repeated across your web pages.

  1. Over Stuffing Keywords

Repeating your keywords again and again is one of the worst SEO practises and also makes your content look unnatural. So you have to include only your main keywords in header, title, image alt tag, anchor text and use keywords only in appropriate places in your content. Always include natural contents that are written for humans.

  1. Linking To Poor Sites

Search engines consider the number of links your site has with other authoritative sites as one of the ranking factors. So make sure that you do not use paid links or links from low quality sites which decease your site ranking.

  1. Using Hidden Text

Hidden texts are the invisible texts which you include on your site. You can make text invisible to readers by using same colour for text and background, using small font size or using CSS. But don’t forget that search engines can detect even these invisible texts which readers are not aware of.

  1. Using Doorway Pages And Exact Domain Matches

Many SEO firms create many pages with duplicate content and includes them just by modifying the URL and title. They do this to include some specific keyword thinking that they may target searchers using that keyword and this may work too. But it will not be a long term success and may bring some duplicate content issues in future.

Using exact match domains for getting rank for a specific keyword is another example of doorway page. That is building a one page site using exact match domains and making it to point to the main site. But the truth is that this technique will no longer work for getting rank for your site.


Since search algorithms keep on changing, always adopt to latest SEO trend. Explore for keywords which searchers use for locating your site and include them in your content on appropriate places. Also mark your presence in social sites to get more backlinks. Avoiding these worst SEO strategies will definitely help you to stay at top.

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