B2B SEOs Working Factors in 2013

According to the eMarketer article (August 2012) by Demand base and Ziff Davis, B2B marketer’s best online marketing factor was SEO with right combination of social networking and content marketing. Following are some tactics followed by B2B SEO last which can be enhanced for better working in 2013.

B2B SEOs Working Factors in 2013

B2B SEOs Working Factors in 2013

Marketing Through Content

One of the online statistics prove that many site’s traffic has increased to around 58% every year with the use of new content marketing strategies. This clearly explains that organic search engine traffic rate largely depends on new contents which can be still boosted with lead management principles and conversion optimization. Following are some successful content marketing strategies followed by B2B SEO in 2012.

  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Pages with targeted keywords
  • Latest business related articles and news

Performance Metrics

Apart from ranking factors, other factors can enhance site’s performance should also be equally focused. Some software vendors started preferring secured search. Even Google forces SEO vendors not to consider ranking factors for site’s performance.

B2B search marketers should pay more attention to metrics like bounce rate, page views/visit, conversion rate, ranking when compared with their competitors etc ,which decides the quality of your site. Keep a track on visitors past performance patterns for both branded and non-branded traffic which lets you to know about visitors type  through “not provided” search engine referrals.

Co-ordinated Departments

B2B SEO is not a one person work. It requires smooth co-ordination and communication between organization departments to get full advantage. SEO factors like inbound links, social and other network activities require guidance of PR department

Parallel co-ordination of  IT and Web development team is very necessary for creating new functionalities and contents about it to enhance SEO. Sales and customer service department is responsible for prospects, FAQs, use cases etc. which can be added as new contents.

So, in overall, B2B SEO is a team work with all other departments of organization.

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  1. on August 5, 2013
    Amsaraj says:

    Hi, informative post. Do you consider this traffic work can produce ranking of all seo keywords? What do you think about “SEO linkbuilding Dead” ?

    • on September 27, 2013

      Yes, This traffic method will effective for search keywords also. Regarding SEO LB dead, It will not get dead, Right now it is evaluating, For example make icon design and upload it to free Icon Download sites, From there you can get back link to your website. Like this we are implementing more strategy, do you required know more feel free to ask us with your exact needs so that we can guide you on better way.

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