Basic SEO Copywriting Strategies

Since writing good content is the current trend for better ranking, many hires content writers for publishing good articles in their site. But the point to be noted is they always develop contents to target only the audiences. It is equally important that articles should attract even search engines. That is a content writer should be able to create dynamic content for the readers as well as it should be search engine optimized.

Basic SEO Copywriting Strategies

Basic SEO Copywriting Strategies

Basic strategies for making a content suitable for both readers and search engines are as follows:

    1. Catchy Title
      First most important and basic thing to be considered while writing a content is to choose a catchy and click worthy content related title. If you can explore and choose a unique title which can well explain the quality of the content by itself, then almost your work is complete. This will definitely increase your ranking in search engines
    2. Adapt to SEO Techniques
      It is very important to adapt to the SEO techniques while copywriting. Following are the SEO techniques to be implemented

      • Explore for best targeting keywords and use it in right density rate (don’t overdo or under do).
      • H1, H2, H3 tags should be used properly.
      • Use social sharing and bookmarking strategies in right way for better ranking.
      • Prevent using underlines, italics and bold as much as possible.
      • Make sure to include image alt tags and meta description tags.

Overall explore for the best and choose the best.

Basic SEO Copywriting Strategies

  1. Content-to-Code Ratio
    Content-to-Code Ratio should be higher for higher ranking. This is the ratio of code and text which you include in your content. Hence avoid using embedded codes, iFrames, Underline, bold and italics as much as possible which will remove unnecessary HTML codes.
  2. Other Strategies
    The other strategies which you have to keep in mind while copywriting are
  • Formatting your content is important. Do not overdo or under do it.
  • Giving information as points or in separate paragraphs will be easier to read. Hence use bullets and paragraph breaks.
  • Prevent using Flash or other graphics.
  • Avoiding frames in your content is better.
  • Use only simple terms which could be understood by even lay persons.

Content is the main part which decides the ranking of your site. So try to keep it simple but at the same time interesting and useful.

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