Benefits of Facebook Timeline

In today’s world, social medias are playing very important role in connecting with more people. So promoting your business through social media like Face book is one of the best profitable ways. If the Facebook Timeline is best utilized, your users will be forced to get engaged.

Benefits of Facebook Timeline

Benefits of Facebook Timeline

  1. Cover Photo:
    The cover photo which you display on your personal profile describes about you to the public. You can create albums to post your personal photos whose settings can be customized for security.
    The cover photo displayed on Facebook Timeline is used to promote anything effectively. This is one of the advantageous features of Facebook to its users. But the cover photo should not describe about the enterprise, only about the activity. That is it can show contact information, price information etc., without its actual usage.
  2. About Section:
     The “About” section is the text form of one’s self description under the cover photo. You can include your contact information along with brief description of your products and services in this section.
  3. Other Useful features:
     The two useful features of Facebook which well utilized increases engagement rate are Highlight and Pinning.
    You can maximize your post size to its maximum width using Highlight option. So that the images, posts and links that are highlighted are seen well than other posts.

To highlight a post:
Click “Star” next to edit on top right corner of the post.
While Pinning option is used, the post will be displayed at top in the wall with orange ribbon for seven days.

To pin a post:
(i) Click edit on the top right corner of the post.
(ii) Click “Pin to top
You can unpin your post similarly using “Unpin from Top”. You cannot use both options Highlight and Pinning simultaneously. Face book Timeline is the best marketing tool to promote and connect to people effectively.

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