Best Ways To Be Implemented Against Upcoming SEO Changes Of Google

A Video titled “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?” has been added to Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel recently. The Video focused on changes expected in areas of Penguin, Panda, SERP clustering, Author Authority and hacked sites. This article explains about the ways which you can implement against these changes.

Best Ways To Be Implemented Against Upcoming SEO Changes Of Google

Best Ways To Be Implemented Against Upcoming SEO Changes Of Google

Examine Your Links Accuracy
The sites which vigorously built links have been affected by Google’s Penguin update. But still some of these sites are continuing to build links unnaturally. Hence Penguin 2.0 update will have huge impact on sites that use paid/automated systems to build links.
Earlier updates looked at sites using BuildMyRank schemes. Now they are going deep into paid link schemes to stop webmasters from building links using shortcuts. Some webmasters stop using paid links temporarily which will not help for long. So it will be best to use only White hat SEO strategies and Google’s quality guidelines to build links to your site.

Remove Spammy Blogs And Directories
Though it’s not clearly mentioned, Google may penalize spammy directories and low quality blog networks. So while examining your links gives more importance to directories and blogs. Remove your links from spammy sites and from sites that charges to include in the list but do not have approval. Also make sure that instead of building links not to earn it.

Include Content Marketing
Apart from site authority, Google also provide authority to authors and publishers. To gain authority you have to establish yourself as strong author or publisher by providing high quality original contents. Explore for best engaging topics and search for keywords related to your topic which target more searchers. Write the content in the way that people longs to read it. Benefits of content marketing are:

  1. Decreases and decease penalties and deindexings.
  2. Can gain authority both for your site and brand.
  3. Can make more pages to get indexed by search bots.
  4. Wide range of targeting keywords may enhance the probability of targeting more searches using different search terms.

Diagnose and Fix the Problems
Google will not completely brief about their updates before they are active. So to be at safer side, diagnose all the problems on your site and fix it well in advance. Look at all the sections of your Google Webmaster Tools account and fix the issues if any.

  1. Look for number of pages indexed and number of crawl errors of spiders.
  2. Check whether your sitemap is working properly.
  3. Look at the keywords currently used.
  4. Look at the relevancy and quality of your backlinks and also check through which content you get those links.
  5. Look at your HTML code and fit the errors if any.
  6. Check your sites’ load time and its performance level.

It will be a tough time for sites using black hat SEO. So such sites should reform themselves to escape from upcoming algorithm updates before it is too late.

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