Blogs Vs Facebook – Which Is Better?

Many do not give importance to blogs and not including it in their social media strategies. But it’s a big mistake which should be avoided. Blogs do add value to other social media strategies and also has many other benefits.

    1. Better SEO
      Popular search engines like Google and Bing also consider your presence in social media for ranking your site. More traffic and increased conversion rate is possible only by regular post of contents i.e. blogging. Other strategies of blog like guest posting, requesting other blogs to link to yours etc. will get better exposure to your site which in turn enhances your site’s ranking in search engines.


    1. Additional Qualities
      Lot of space and flexibility is required to build your reputation among visitors. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest provide only limited space and posting ability. But in blogs you can add videos, images and articles to attract your target audiences without any limitations.
      Facebook and Twitter includes feed feature which replaces old contents with new ones quickly. But the contents posted in blogs that are indexed in Google will be available to searchers whenever they need
      Though Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social sites allow you to create community, blog tools like RSS feed and newsletter subscription helps you to reach everyone in the community personally


    1. Complete Control
      Facebook do not provide much flexibility to businesses. Most importantly they do not allow you to post call to action for branding like cover images. But blogs gives you complete control over page appearance which means full control over your brand.


  1. Integration With Social Platforms
    Using both blog and other social platforms will give better exposure and high traffic. You can integrate your blog and social sites by:
  1. Include links of your other social sites and website in your blog and in other marketing corroborations like infographics, images, videos, Slideshare presentations etc. in clearly visible place.
  2. Also include your social links in RSS feed and email newsletters.
  3. Post your blog contents in other social platforms also.

Add some plugin to transfer Facebook post comments to blog posts which enhances visitor engagement across many platforms and betters your SEO.

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