Business Benefits Of Google+

Google+ was launched by Google two years ago and still many do not know the correct way of using it for their online marketing. Hence this article explains about usage and business benefits of leading social networking site, Google+.

Google+ stays ahead from other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter because of its high emphasis on SEO. Google search always includes sites/blogs high authority and social credibility at top. That is sites which get more “Likes” in Facebook and more “+1” in Google+ will get more preference than other similar sites. But getting more “+1” in Google+ will add on the authority in Google search since it belongs to very own Google. In short, the more a site receives “+1” in Google+, the high the rank it gets in search results. Following tips help you to take full advantage of Google+ for your site’s search engine optimisation.

Business Benefits Of Google+

Business Benefits Of Google+

Get High Visibility By Including Direct Links To Your Profile

Including direct links to your profile will help your site to get more visibility when more and more people gets engaged with your link. Means links with more share and “+1” will get high rank in Google search easily.

Also make sure that all the new contents which you create are posted on Google+ and other social networking sites to quickly get indexed by Google. Remember that the first line of your post will act as the title tag which is a very important ranking factor. So give more attention while choosing it.

Get Authorship

Bloggers who repeatedly post their new contents can make it easy for their viewers to view them by signing up Google+ Authorship. All the new contents will be linked to Google+ profile page directly which tells Google and others about the source of the content. You can sign up very easily with your Google+ account.

Benefits Of Google+ Authorship

Build Trust On Both Sides
Your readers who do not know about your other contents can easily view them through your Google+ profile page. This will enhance the traffic which in turn enhances the probability of getting more +1s and this helps all your contents to get indexed well. Also, Google can recognise the source of the content guest posted by you on other sites since it will be linked to your Google+ profile page.

All this will enhance your search ranking and will add on more number of followers to your page. When the number of followers is more, the chance of exposing your content to other people looking for content like yours will be more. This enhanced visibility of content will help the author to get high Author Rank which helps to move too top of search results quickly.

Tips For Using +1 Of Google+
Google+1 is really very important for better optimising all your current as well as future contents. Following tips will help you to best utilize +1 system as your online marketing tool

  1. Include Google+1 button on your site in clearly visible place which helps your readers to add +1 immediately if they like the content.
  2. Create your Google Business Page immediately to take full advantage of it and stay one step ahead of your competitors.
  3. Give equal importance to other social sites also. Google+ may gain more scope in future but Facebook and Twitter have high scope now.

Request your readers to review and share your Google+ Page which will build your reputation in front of both Google and your visitors.

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