Changes In The Responsibilities Of A Web Designer

Some years back the web designers were focusing only on the visual design. But now the web design industry has seen many evolutions and changed the responsibilities of web designers completely. The changes in the web design are explained below.

Changes In The Responsibilities Of A Web Designer

Changes In The Responsibilities Of A Web Designer

  1. Initially tables were used for designing a site in the way designers wanted. But now using tables have become old practise and so designers should start using semantic mark up and CSS styling.
  2. Few years back Adobe’s Flash plug in was ruling the web design industry and designers always preferred it for all their web design solutions chennai. Even today many are using Flash for designing their site. But it is not considered as important like before mainly because it is not supported by Apple mobile devices. So now designers are focusing on jQuery and CSS to design their site.
  3. Unlike before, website appearances across different browsers are getting more attention and hence the old practise of recreating the screen fit medium of print online is gone. Though the controversies are still on, many designers have started using responsive web design.
  4. Today the numbers of websites have increased and hence the competition has grown into really tough. So people always prefer the sites that are interactive and unique. Hence designers have to update their knowledge and should adapt to changing trends to design impressive sites.
  5. An important strategy that cannot be separated from the web design today is the integration of social media. So every designer should start incorporating social media in their client’s site for their success.
  6. Previously web designers were exporting the headings in the site as GIFs which is very tough to update. But now services like Font Deck have given complete typographic control for designers and made the web font incorporation very simple.
  7. Everyone wants a semantic and rich looking site which can be made possible by using HTML5 along with CSS3.The present web designers are allowed to design sites which include both necessary information as well as their style which were not easy before.
  8. The number of new devices and browsers are more than before. So web designers are forced to design a site that bends and fits according to screen size and device which can be done using responsive designs. Hence modern designers have started using media queries that helps for designing a complete responsive site.

Web design changes continuously and hence the designers have to develop more skills to face the challenges in designing the sites.

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