Combination of Web Design and SEO for Better Ranking

Many web designers ignore SEO and many SEO experts do not have any idea about web design. But many SEO companies help to build finest web design. This is because they not only include SEO formatted HTML code but also make sure that the site has good look and usability. To get top ranking in Google just check your site with following list.

  1. Does your site have eye pleasing design?
  2. Is the content easily readable, consistent and well formatted?
  3. Do the ads interrupt the users again and again?
  4. Is your site’s user interface is simple and easy?
  5. Can the readers read your content easily or should scroll a lot to get required information?
Combination of Web Design and SEO for Better Ranking

Combination of Web Design and SEO for Better Ranking

You can impress both Google and your users by designing your site as user friendly as possible. Google’s Panda update also ignores the sites with poor usability. Consider following recommendations to make your site get top rank in Google.

  1. Update HTML and Tags
    All your HTML code must be correct and error free. Always adapt to latest version of WordPress when you use this platform. The current latest version of HTML is HTML5.Many ignore non-deprecated tags because they consider it to be not important. Using right and non-deprecated tags is very important. Make sure to implement latest version of HTML and tags.
  2. Author Profile
    Google is considering Author Rank as one of the important ranking factor. This means using content as the marketing tool to gain authorship. Whether you use WordPress or other custom platform for your blog, make sure your author profile information is clear and easy for Google to decode and read it.
  3. HTML Sitemaps
    Google always give importance to HTML sitemaps. So ensure that you include HTML sitemap that is user friendly to users.
  4. Attractive Images
    Though Google cannot see images, it can recognise it through its title. So include related titles and alt tags to the images. Just add meta data that explains the image without overstuffing keywords.
  5. Meta Descriptions, Tags and Titles
    Its true that including meta description, tags and titles may help for better ranking. But having these will not bring that much benefit to your site. So include these meta descriptions in such a way that forces people to link to your site since these are the snippets shown to the searchers in search results.
  6. WordPress Plugins
    One main advantage of using WordPress is the SEO plugins available with it which helps to check all SEO functionalities of all your posts. But make sure that they do not bring any negative impact to your site.

Overall you have to give more attention to your site usability because Google not only consider a site’s quality but also considers its user experience.

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Combination of Web Design and SEO for Better Ranking by

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