Top 6 Reasons to Buy Google’s Pixel instead of iPhone7 Plus

It’s been a few days since the search giant launched their new mobile the Pixel and Pixel XL. The direct competitors for the iPhone7 Plus. I know that you guys have been on a great confusion in which one to buy the iPhone or the Pixel? Well here are my top 6 reasons why you should buy Google Pixel instead of iPhone7.

Google Pixel1: Display:

When I saw the Pixel phone the 1st thing I noticed was the bright display Quad HD display. While iPhone7 Plus, had only a full HD display even though it was bright it didn’t have the enough stamina to surpass the Google Pixel’s display.

2: Camera:

Apple decided to release to phones with different approaches, but Google went up with just one phone that will do all the stuff with minor improvements. The Pixel camera is the best rated mobile camera ever by DXO Mark. The Camera performance of the Pixel is enough to surpass the iPhone7 Plus.

3: Headphone Jack:

I think Apple just miscalculated in removing the Headphone jack, even though you can use the USB port as the headphone jack, you cannot do any other work while using the USB port as a headphone jack. I personally feel that having a headphone jack will make me buy the Pixel. This might not be a game changer for everyone but for me it is important.

4: Unlimited storage:

Google actually pushed up the game by giving unlimited cloud storage for all the Pixel users for their Photos and Videos in 4K for lifetime, while apple charges for cloud storage after 5GB which gets filled in days. Now this is something that makes me sure to buy a Pixel.

5: 24/7 Customer support:

Google Pixel Phones have 24/7 customer support as for iPhones you have to take the luxury of carrying it to a service center nearby, with Google’s Pixel line the service representatives are integrated with your phone and can perform service guidance anywhere and anytime, now that is interesting.

6: Price:

The Last but not the Least Google Pixel XL 128GB is $80 less than the iPhone7 Plus 128GB. Now you get some wonderful features that the iPhone is not able to offer at price lesser than $80 dollars, this is an absolute game changer.

Coparison of google Pixel and iphone 7 plus


Apple’s iPhone is also a great phone, don’t take me wrong I just gave out the thoughts that impressed me in the Pixel. There may be lots of folks like me who would accept this propaganda, so here are my top 6 reasons you should buy Google Pixel instead of iPhone7 Plus. If you have anything share in your point of view, please feel free.

I’m Srinivasan a blogger/creative content writer at Mensagam Technologies and a freelance photographer. I also have the passion for Mobile and Gadgets, Apart from that I also have a craze for Bikes and Cars.
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  1. on November 1, 2016
    sabarish says:

    what about the software part of “PIXEL”, do we get any additional privilege compared to other stock androids. ????

    • on November 2, 2016
      Srini Vasan says:

      Hi, Sabarish of-course yes it is the 1st phone to run Nougat out of the box. you will get all the latest updates 1st to your hands and also it is the 1st phone to feature an inbuilt assistant with Googles duo and lifetime unlimited cloud storage

  2. on November 1, 2016
    kowsalya says:


    • on November 2, 2016
      Srini Vasan says:

      i’m Glad it was very informative to you. Do follow us for more news like this.

  3. on November 1, 2016
    Antony Raaskin says:

    Use both mobile and tell ur review

    • on November 2, 2016
      Srini Vasan says:

      Hi, Rasskin we are working on it since the mobiles are flagship mobiles we are having a hard time getting both, these reviews are based on real time demonstration of the mobile by Tech experts.

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