How to create an effective website?

Website design does not only mean the look of your site. It also means the ease of navigation. The time has gone when people were using only desktop computers to access websites. And also people were using up/down arrows on the browser window (at right) to view full page when they didn’t had mouse with scrolling wheels.

Now people are using their fingers for scrolling the pages on mobile devices. So now many websites include only few pages each of which scrolls on to make navigation easier. Even some websites uses interlinked information modules instead of pages. However all the websites must be designed with Responsive Web Design to fit all screen sizes.

Even after including engaging content, your site visitors will not be impressed if they find it hard to read it. Websites should not only help in promoting your business but should also help in customer engagement. Many businesses which plan for their marketing and sales strategies do not do it for their websites. But having a clear website strategy about your site’s appearance and user interface will help a lot to build more powerful website.

Four Important Website Strategies

The four important website strategies are listed below

  1. Goal

You have to make sure whether your website meets the goals like

  • Best promoting your brand
  • Fulfilling the needs of creating it
  • Does it standalone from other similar sites
  1. Target Audiences

Ensure whether the site

  • Targets the right audiences and engage them in both design and content wise.
  • Provides required information with good user experience.
  1. Key Message

Check whether

  • It conveys your key message and tells about your business clearly.
  • The content is useful and search engine optimised.
  1. User Interface

Make sure that the site

  • Navigation is user friendly and works well on all devices and browsers.
  • Meets all the needs of AODA/WCAG and enhances data capturing and lead nurturing.
  • Plugged into your CRM software.

Your work is not limited to just designing your site. You have to monitor it and adapt to factors required to make it still more effective. You can use marketing software like HubSpot to do this. Businesses which consider their websites largely as marketing tool should implement these four powerful strategies to make their business a lead.

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