Design mistakes that fail the SEO of a Site

A navigation friendly attractive website along with SEO centric can add on more visitors to your site. So avoid making such spoiling mistakes which are mentioned below:

Design mistakes that fail the SEO of a Site

Design mistakes that fail the SEO of a Site

Template Creation in the first place:
Templates that are created at low cast using open source platforms have many SEO drawbacks Search engines cannot read the Templates easily since they are not met tagged from back end. So only a customized website with HTML tagging and CSS frameworks suits to the task of SEO.

Usage of flash on home Page:
Search engines decode flash. Hence usage of flash on your sites home page may degrade the SEO task. To overcome this problem, you can use Query Platform or skip into pages or can create Flash enabled and non-flash website that are hosted on single server

Failure of Image Optimization usage:
When you are using an image on your webpage without optimization, the crawlers will find hard to fetch the contents. So it’s significant to optimize the images that are used on your site.

Failure of Site Map creation in XML Format:
Google bots access XML site maps efficiently than HTML sitemaps. So avoid poorly indexed website to make it a powerful SEO centric.

Failure of dropdown Menu creation:
Instead of lengthy navigation bars, few main pages with different dropdown Menus or subpages can boost up the SEO of your website. Sub pages can be updated easily using CMS without much effort.

So by avoiding these mistakes, you can maximize your websites search engine ranking.

Logo Design:
Logos are the strong communicating representations that convey the correct message of your business in simple terms to right audiences. So only a strong logo can impress the audiences.

Creating a Strong Logo:
Initially the designers should gather complete information about client’s business. Then they visualize some concepts and create sketches for the designs that best conveys the brand message.

Then in the design phase, the logos are created in vector format with digital flexibility and easy translation to any application. Next is the colouring phase of the logo which makes the design sharp and subjective.

This way the strong iconic symbols are created and presented to clients.

Online Logo Design:
Online Logo Design is a very easy and time saving task to design your logo when compared with other processes which are expensive and difficult.

Design Process:
First explore the website and gather all information about logo design services. Then choose the package that best fits your need. Then the designers collect all the information from clients required to start on the work.

Then the completed logo designs are uploaded in clients authenticated client center which are reviewed by the clients. Feedbacks can be provided through feedback form.

Now the finalized work is uploaded at client center in different file formats which can be downloaded easily.

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