Difference between SEO and Social media?

In today’s world, gaining importance of social and updates like Penguin and Panda makes many to think that SEO will die soon. But actually if SEO is dead, then social media will also die in few years.

Yes it’s true that social is becoming more significant than before. But because of this we cannot decide that SEO is completely dead. We can consider this as the sign of good transition. We can see some strong strategies losing its importance or completely replaced with other. However, the overall basics remain the same.

Is Social Dominating Search?

Is really social media dominating SEO? No, absolutely not. It just adds some additional value to search. The truth is that searchers relied on search engines for best results and always they will. The actual change can be seen in the behaviour of searchers and the way they interact and share content online.

In 2000, Google was dependent on around trillion of HTML contents to display the result according to search queries. Sites like Wikipedia or published research papers or popular brands were considered as the authority. And the quality of the site were decided based on the number of referrals (i.e. links) it has got, not by their contents. But now everything has changed.

Now even smaller sites are given equal importance and search engines are considering the number of likes/tweets and shares as ranking metrics apart from links.

Social media are not only for getting likes/tweets and shares. They include other dynamic metrics like engagement rate, reach level, co-citation, targeting right audiences and getting huge followers etc. This also helps to know more about brand users and make necessary enhancements to make their brand most reputed.

As said earlier, SEO is not dead. It has just evolved and social media is incorporated into search to improve its quality. With changes in user’s behaviour, both social and search will evolve over time. We can expect following:

  1. Websites which are not search engine optimised may rank top in search engines only based on their strong social metrics.
  2. People’s personal influence may reflect in the search results.
  3. Local search will be enhanced and may gain more importance.
  4. Social metrics may decide the authority of specific domain.
  5. Social search will become an integral part of web search.

Strategies of both searches may change over time as user’s behaviour and demands are evolving. Even search engines are updating their algorithms to redefine the search results more relevant to the queries. However the basics of search will remain the same always.

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