Do Not Over Do Your SEO

Keyword rich content alone cannot make your website a success. Search engines always look for keywords used in your content since searchers search through keywords. But many people stuff their content with more keywords which will turn down your site instead of generating traffic.
Many people wanted to turn their efforts into success quickly. Hence they always overdo their SEO to get higher ranking and traffic within short time span. But the truth is that SEO is a time consuming process which can bring its effect only after some time period. Overdoing will only have negative impact on your site instead of speeding up your SEO. This will only waste your time and money in rectifying problems and issues.

Do Not Over Do Your SEO

Do Not Over Do Your SEO

So before optimizing your website you have to know the algorithms of search engines. All the search engines do not have same algorithm. Hence you have to stick to all important algorithms of popular search engines like Google and Bing.

Don’t make the mistake which many do. They only follow Google algorithm while optimizing their site since Google occupies 90% of search engine market. But make sure to follow important guidelines of all big search engines to avoid losing your value customers.

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