How Effective Is Facebook Graph Search

Social media marketing expert Gary Vernay has mentioned in his interview that Facebook is becoming equally significant as Google in organic search. The launch of Facebook Graph Search shows that his words may soon come true.
In Facebook Graph Search, information that are shared by friends of users will be shown along with general information on Facebook. People can search based on four areas.

  • Interests
  • Photos
  • Places
  • People
How Effective Is Facebook Graph Search

How Effective Is Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search uses EdgeRank for ranking. This considers number of Likes, when was the post created and how close is the searcher with the individual who shared/liked the post for ranking. That is if a post or page is shared/liked by an individual who shares a close connection with the searcher, then it is likely to get high rank.

Consider a restaurant which has their Facebook Page as an example. If they run a search query “Favourite music f Pizza lovers” on their Facebook Fan Page, the search result will show favourite music of their followers as well as favourite music of public. The restaurant may now update their Facebook status by linking to those relevant information. In short, Facebook Graph Search helps businesses for both active social media marketing with related information and to build strong relationship with target audiences by knowing about their interests.

Though some social media experts like Ray Valdez do not support Facebook Graph Search, it helps businesses to reach their audiences in a different way. Google is also considering active presence on social sites as a ranking factor, especially after the launch of Google+.

One important feature that highlights Facebook Graph Search is that the search results shown are purely based on people’s personnel opinion i.e. based on number of likes and share.

Facebook Graph Search is yet to gain popularity. Eventhen considering it seriously right now will help businesses in many ways.

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