Email Marketing – Betters Site’s SEO

Email Marketing – one of the popular trends that takes your business to your customers more effectively. Email Marketing apart from business promotion, also helps to maintain a unique relation between you and your customers. But if it goes wrong, it will bring only negative impact on your site’s SEO. Following are the email marketing tactics to be considered.

Email Marketing – Betters Site’s SEO

Email Marketing – Betters Site’s SEO

Similar to SEO, the first and foremost factor in email marketing is also keywords that targets your audience. So explore for the search terms which is used by many to find your related products/services. This also helps to know about email address of many who wants to know more about your business.

Sign up Part on Your Site:
Along with other email account, set up a sign up area on your site which should be your primary account. This helps to maximise the conversion rate on your site. Using mailing list may block your mail or can show it as spam which will be a drawback for your site’s SEO. Google’s Gmail uses spam filter to look out and avoid spammers. Also include the sign up on every page that have a loud display.

Free Offers:
Its people’s nature that they get attracted easily to free offers and discounts that you give for your products/services. This not only helps you to attract people but also makes people to tell their friends about your site which will have a loud impact on your site’s SEO.

Remember that the content which you include in your email is the building factor that builds trust and relation with your customer. So you have to include unique, interesting as well as updated content in your email which should be able to bring the customers to your main site where your products/services are placed.
To increase the interest of email readers, you can include snippets of your site’s post followed by your main site’s link.

You have to show each and every subscriber how important they are by giving your response and recommendations to them personally. Though this is not an easy process and also takes time, it can boost your site’s ranking in search engines and maximises the conversion rate.

You can include rel=canonical tag in your web pages that includes same type content to avoid duplicate content issues. Though SEO and email marketing are not related to each other directly, email marketing can make your SEO efforts into success and can bring long term benefits to your business.

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