How to enhance Local SEO?

Most of the businesses focus on national/international branding. But now many have started to enhance their local SEO for effective local branding. Even Google is now considering local searches seriously. Following are some tips to rule in your local market.

  1. Take Part In Local Business Activities

Almost everyone thinks that links, contents and ocher SEO strategies alone will help them to be at top in search results. But they don’t realize that those strategies are not stable and they may cause some huge impact if Google releases any new updates. So you have to be well prepared right now and should be sure that no Google updates can affect you.

For this you have to participate in local business activities like fairs and trade shows. You have to show your products/services live to the people and also share those events on your social profiles. You can also organize your own events for your customers. All these will help you to gain more popularity in your locality.

  1. Off line Marketing Campaigns

Apart from online marketing, also use offline marketing campaigns like newspapers, banners etc. which will strengthen your online presence too. Always include your site URL and social links in offline campaigns also.

  1. Submit In Local Directories

Submit your site in local directories like Yelp, CitySearch and Manta which will boost your ranking in Google’s local search result. These sites also allow your customers to review your business. The more the number of positive reviews you get, the more leads your business will get.

  1. Request For Partner Links

Request sites related to your niche to give you a link in their partner or support section. But do not choose the sites which have many partner links in their partner section. It may look unnatural to search engines.

  1. Guest Posting

Guest posting on local blogs will help a lot for local businesses. Choose some local blogs related to your niche and guest post your contents rich in keywords in those blogs. This will build backlinks to your site which has lot of marketing advantages for your business.

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