Essential Of SEO Writing For Bloggers

To enhance your blog’s relevancy rate, its online exposure and to get more number of followers, you have to know some basic essentials of SEO writing which are listed below.

Essential Of SEO Writing For Bloggers

Essential Of SEO Writing For Bloggers

    1. Correct PlatformThere are many platforms and softwares available to build and run blogs. But not all of them best supports your SEO. WordPress is the best platform which can bring in more SEO benefits as you have expected.


    1. RelevancyAlways use keywords that are relevant to your content, products/services. But remember that your keywords should not be pushy which may result in loss of your readers.


    1.  Update and EngagingYou should not make your visitors feel bored. So update your blog with fresh posts at least thrice a week. Rather than like other informative contents post contents that are current, engaging and in conversational tone. This will attract and engage your visitors as well as make them to share with others.


    1. Guest PostingGuest posting on other blogs will help you to reach more new readers and followers. Also request other bloggers to guest post on yours.


    1. LinkLink your blog content to your site which helps you to drive your site’s traffic to your blog too.


    1. Catchy TitleThe basic intention of SEO writing is to grab the attention of people. So you have to include a catchy title since it is the one which tells about your content to your visitors. So make it attractive and rememberable.


  1. Series BloggingWhen you have more information on any topic you should not include all in one single post. You have to post them in series which forces people to click the “follow” button.

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