Excellent Tips To Escape from Negative SEO

Some website owners use illegal methods to pull down their competitor’s website ranking in search engines. They do this for the downfall of their competitors business and to decease their website rating.

There are many negative SEO tactics used by website owners. The first basic tactic used by them is making low quality paid links to point to their competitor’s site which will affect their ranking. They also do website hacking causing its malfunction, upload negative reviews about their business or report about the illegal SEO tactics of those sites to Google.

So you have to pay more attention and should follow the tactics explained in this article to overcome negative SEO. First you have to track the backlinks of your site and should deactivate the low quality links which was made to point your site by your competitor. Always stick to the search engine algorithms to avoid penalties.

The new content which you upload to your site will be indexed by search engine robots only after some time period. Using this time period, your competitors will create a false reflection that you are using duplicate content. So to avoid this you have to update and re submit your sitemap every time you upload a new content.

Your competitor may include negative review about your business in the business listing to falsely accuse rumours about you. So you have to look at the reviews very carefully and take necessary actions. Also include “Report a Problem” link below business listing to tell Google about such reviews.

As your site will be crawled by many search robots, it may load slowly. So you have to use IP direction to know the IP addresses of important search engines like Google and Bing and should block other unnecessary crawlers crawling your site.

To prevent the value backlinks pointing your site, your competitors may mail website owners to remove the link stating that your site has DMCA copyright issues. So you have to send thanking mail to those sites to retain your value links.

Continuous monitoring and immediate necessary actions on finding the threats are the keys for overcoming negative SEO and getting high ranking.

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