Facebook Graph Search – Important Business Locating Factor

Number of people using Facebook is increasing day by day. After Facebook’s two important features “News Feed” and “Time Line”, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has announced addition of its third important feature Facebook Graph Search.
Facebook Graph Search lets people to get information on their Facebook account very easily and effectively by just a single click.

Facebook Graph Search – Important Business Locating Factor

Facebook Graph Search – Important Business Locating Factor

Facebook search includes four main topics as follows to make your search effortless. Through very simple queries, people can get required information very easily.

  • People –Example query “People who have similar likings as mine”
  • Photos – Example query “Photos of Friends of My Friends”
  • Places – Example query “Tourist spots most visited in India”
  • Interests – Example query “Books read by people which I like”

Graph Search Working:

  1. People can use search bar to get information they want. Search bar also give search suggestions like people, pages, places, apps, groups etc.
  2. Search suggestion will give back unique results which may include your business’s shared information based on the person’s search.

Building Your Facebook Business Page:
Having your own Facebook business page will help people to locate and get information about your business easily.

  1. In your Page, include company profile along with business name, its category, vanity URL in the “About” section.
  2. You can add your address on location or local place of your Page which will display you in the search result for people who search through specific location.
  3. Add complete and accurate content which will bring in more viewers to your Page and will force them to interact with you. Also make sure that the content is updated regularly.

Though only beta version of Graph Search is available, it will roll out gradually to help businesses to create a dynamic link between their organization and individuals.

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