How Facebook Graph search integration increases your brand exposure

Facebook Graph Search is gaining its importance since it is the integration of both SEO and social media which can bring more exposure to your business. Facebook Graph Search uses social graph which displays the search results depending on user’s personal interests. Search engines like Google and Bing give back the relevant results that are available on the internet. But Facebook Graph Search results include only the contents that are shared by users on Facebook. The search results will be displayed based on

How Facebook Graph search integration increase your brand exposure

How Facebook Graph search integration increase your brand exposure

  • Pages
  • Apps
  • Groups
  • Photos
  • Places

Though Facebook Graph search optimization and web page optimisation are different from each other, some SEO strategies can be applied to optimise for Facebook Graph Search also.

Facebook Graph Search Optimisation

Around 3.3 billion contents are shared on Facebook every month. By optimizing for Facebook Graph Search using following strategies, marketers can get more opportunities and benefits.

How Facebook Graph search integration increase your brand exposure

How Facebook Graph search integration increase your brand exposure

  1. Facebook Page Optimisation

Just like on page optimisation in SEO, you have to start with Facebook Page optimisation in Facebook Graph Search.

  1. Include short descriptions about your company with important keywords of your niche in About page.
  2. Include relevant and current content of your niche in your page and make it available to public to share with others.
  3. Give related name or title of your business to your page and URL.
  4. Include your Facebook link on your website and also request your friends to view your page


  1. Local Optimisation

Small businesses which aim for better exposure can take the advantage of local optimisation. Facebook Graph Search can help your business to get more number of local followers. That is if you search for restaurants in your locality in Google, it displays only a single dimensional search result. But Facebook Graph Search displays restaurants of your friend’s favourite in your locality. This means Facebook Graph Search gives you multi-dimensional search results.

Niches which require engagement of local people like hotels or restaurants, travels etc. can add their address in their Facebook Page. This helps them to appear on the results when people perform location based search.

  1. Sharing And Engagement

Above two strategies will let people to know about your page and business. But only the content which you upload like posts, images, videos etc. on your page will make people with engage to your page and also to recommend to their friends. The number of Likes and visitors of your page will decide your ranking in Facebook Graph Search. So remember following things while posting content in your page.

  1. Post information rich contents, attractive images and videos related to your niche on regular basis.
  2. Conduct quizzes and competitions and provide offers which make your followers to interact with your page.
  3. Request your followers to Like your page, give back their comments and to share with their friends.
  4. Target right type of users who are interested in your business.


  1. EdgeRank

EdgeRank is Facebook’s ranking algorithm which determines about the appearance of posts in user’s News Feed. If user’s interaction with your page is more, then it is more likely to appear on News Feed repeatedly. Make your followers not only to interact but also to engage with your page by posting engaging contents. This helps you to enhance your EdgeRank.

Facebook Graph Search is one of the strongest platforms to reach your target audiences effectively. Businesses which optimise for Facebook Graph Search can get more benefits than businesses that do not. So think wise!

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