False Facts about SEO and Content Marketing

Even a blog which has unique and reliable content cannot succeed without proper SEO. Proper SEO is very important for generating traffic to your page. Following are some of the false facts about SEO and Content Marketing.

SEO and content marketing facts

False Facts about SEO and Content Marketing


  1. Include Keyword in Page title

Using blog content title as page title will improve your search result ranking based on the type of blog used. Social media sharing is very important to make your content reach more people. So the blog title which you use should attract social medias.

  1. Meta Keywords

Using unrelated or excessive meta keywords in your content will affect the SEO. Search engines will not pay much attention to such meta keyword rich contents which probably drops your ranking.

  1. Keyword Density between 2-6%

 Keywords are important for high ranking. But the number of times it is included in the content does not matter. Content comprised of brilliant words and reliable information works well than using phrases that does not even fit into sentence.

  1. Google does not Pay Attention to Small Businesses

Its been said that Google does not pay enough attention to small businesses. But according to HubSpot blogger Corey Eridon, small businesses can get high ranking by marking their presence in social medias and by including quality content. Present contents of current topics in interesting way to the people. You can use tools like trending topic analysis, author analysis etc to find the topics that are most shared to include in your content.


Factors to be considered for SEO and Content Marketing

 Following are some factors to be followed for proper SEO;

  1. Include target keywords in your content
  2. Use unique, dynamic and most shared title for your content
  3. Share most shared topics that are related to your content through blogs, press release, social medias

Link your content to the content that is most shared

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