Fight Between Web Designers And SEOs

Since many years web designers and SEO professionals are blaming each others. This will continue unless both accept the fact that site’s appearance, friendly user interface and rank should be in a line to succeed.

Web designers argue that ranking alone is not important for a site. Its design and content are the most significant factors of a site. On the other hand, SEOs blame that web designers are not aware of SEO and it’s only SEO which makes a site search engine friendly; not its design or content.

Fight Between Website Designers And SEOs

Fight Between Web Designers And SEOs

But the truth is that both SEO and web design are essential for a site. If visitors are generated by SEO, its only design, user interface and content which increases the conversion rate of a site.

All these happens because of some poor SEOs/web designers. Better knowledge about both fields is the only solution for us to make the right choice. Google is frequently updating its algorithm only to prevent poor SEOs. Even web designers and SEO professionals should accept and explain their clients that both should cop up and work together. Some important web design and SEO strategies are given below.

Web Design Strategies

    1. Using responsive web design to build a site is very important as it helps your site to fit the screen well regardless of device type. This makes your site to look good on all devices and browsers.


    1. Make sure that your site loads fast. Average load time is 10 secs but less than 5 secs will be better.


    1. Make sure that your site is navigation friendly and also include site map to make navigation even easier.


    1. Make sure that the fonts are clear and readable by all type people i.e. even by visually impaired people.


    1. The fonts should be clear even when the user zooms the text.


    1. Always implement latest web design technologies.


SEO Strategies

    1. Keywords are always important. But using them in right amount and place is necessary.


    1. Try to build natural links through infographics, guest postings, video marketing and news jacking. But always prevent strategies like spamming, article syndication etc.


    1. Your links should not only be natural but also of high quality and relevant to your site.


    1. Analyse and fix broken links and errors and things like robots.txt which may even block a site.


    1. Content marketing through Facebook’s Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Google+ are vital factors.


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