Five Significant Social SEO Strategies

Website design plays a very important role in success of a site. Appearance of the site is the basic factor to attract new visitors. Design does not speak only about the appearance of your site. It also means the ease of using your site in getting exact information. Hence a well designed website is the combination of classy look, easy navigation with concise and unique content.

Following are important factors to be considered in website design

  • Web Page Standardization
  • Web Page Layout
  • Web Page Width
  • Page Background
  • Fonts
  • Content visibility
  • Navigation
  • Images and Icons
  • Page Load Time

Web Page Standardization

You must maintain same standard across all web page while designing your site. Use similar background color for pages, tables, lists etc., of every page. Make sure that the fonts used for headings, lists and paragraphs are of same size, type and color.

Web page standardization can be best achieved by using CSS (Cascading Style sheets) which also has two other advantages apart from standardizing. Firstly, it allows you to modify the appearance of your site by just changing the CSS. Secondly, the Web pages developed are of smaller size which helps in fast loading of your web page.

Web Page Layout

You must organize the contents of your page in right way to make sure that the site remains navigation friendly to the visitors. The layout should allow the visitors to get required information without much effort. Design your website layout based on the type of website and its audiences.

Web Page Width

Width of a page can be defined either in pixel or in percentage. While pixel definition is for fixed page width, percentage definition changes the width to fit the screen size accordingly. But percentage definition affects the layout of the page while changing the width according to screen size. But this is not the case in pixel definition where screen size change does not affect the layout.

While using pixel definition, align the pages to the center to look good on large screens and use 1024 pixels to fit the smaller screens. Decide the required width definition based on the type of your site.

Page Background 

The background color which you use for your page should not affect the visibility of contents. You can also use pictures in the background without hiding the contents. Using light colors for background and dark colors for text may work well.


Make sure to maintain same standard in size, type and color of fonts across the web pages. Using sans-serif font types will make the reading from the screen easier.

The font size should be 12 or 14 pixels with the line height (space between two lines) of 1.6em for the clear visibility of content.

Use dark colors for fonts in light color background. The color which you choose for your font should not make it look dull and fade. Based on your requirements, decide the correct size, style and color for your fonts.

Content visibility

The contents should be clearly visible for easy reading of visitors. This is possible by using HTML elements (headers, paragraphs, tables, list etc.) correctly. Use borders, line-breaks for paragraphs, and cellspacing and cellpadding for tables to improve the look of your content.


The website should be designed as navigation friendly for the users. The users should get the information required without much search. Differentiate navigation links and other important links with different color from texts so that users can find it easily. Keep important links at prominent place and at same place of all pages. Make sure that all the links in all pages are linked properly for proper working.

Images and Icons

The images and the icons which you choose for your web page are the main factors which explains about your content and your website to the visitors. So usage of correct images and icons are very important.

Page Load Time

The users will get irritated if your webpage takes more time to load. So remove the unwanted external plug-in (like flash), Java scripts, large graphics etc., for fast loading of your page.

Try to build a simple but dynamic website by considering all above designing factors. You can also refer other websites to design your own powerful website.

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