Getting Natural Links Through Good Content

Google’s latest algorithm, Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird, insist on quality than quantity which is a difficult challenging task but can be made easier by adopting to Google’s quality guidelines.
According to Google and other popular search engines, only building natural links can help you to reach top in SERPs and attracting those natural links through value rich content will be the most significant SEO strategy. But there is a difference between building links to your blog and attracting links towards your blog.

Getting Natural Links Through Good Content

Getting Natural Links Through Good Content

Including some well written content will turn people’s attention towards it and will make them to link to it which in turn also means that they have linked to your blog. This way of getting links through well written content to your blog is known as attracting links. But when you actively involve in getting links by requesting other blog owners to allow you to write your guest post on their blogs or requesting to review your product, it is known as building links.
For getting natural links through contents, it has to be user centric. The users are the target audiences and before writing content you have to explore for information about your users like

  1. Their demographic
  2. Their likes and most visited pages
  3. Their problems in using your blog/site
  4. Online communities and blogs preferred by them.

By researching for information about your users, you can know everything about them and can create user centric contents. For creating incredible content you have to get topics which your users will be interested in reading and you can best get it from social media like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can get amazing topic ideas from sites like Quora and also from conversation between people on online communities. After finalising the topic, you have to write the content in interesting way by keeping following points in mind.

  1. Include content related attractive titles
  2. Write information rich and unique content and always use active voice in it.
  3. Don’t deviate from the topic and include all necessary and important information.
  4. Use figures and images related to content
  5. Always use easy understandable language and keep your sentences and paragraphs short
  6. You can use bullets and highlight important terms to make reading easier

After writing content, you have to promote it. There are many ways to improve the visibility of your content. Firstly, you can identify authority bloggers of your niche and can link to their blog posts. If they like the contents on your blog posts, they will definitely like to link to your blog.

Next is the social share buttons which can give high visibility to your content. If you include social share buttons of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. on your blog post pages, people will immediately share your content with others if they really like it after reading. If a socially shared content gets more number of views, it will also get more number of links. In this way you can build relationship with other bloggers of your niche which in turn brings more natural links to your blog.

Guest posting on other blogs and linking to your blog author bio, posting your blog link in forum discussions and sharing your blog post links via social media are some ways of building links which in turn can attract natural links to your blog over time.

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