Google Authorship – Important SEO Strategy Of 2014

New SEO strategies are being introduced every year and hence web masters find hard to choose the right one. But Google Authorship is one which should not be ignored.

Google Authorship - Important SEO Strategy Of 2014

Google Authorship – Important SEO Strategy Of 2014

Google Author Rank helps very much in getting high SEO rank for pages published by some particular individual. The HTML tag around rel=”author” or rel=”publisher” tells about the author of the page and it will also have a reciprocal link from that author’s Google+ Profile. Following reasons explain the significance of adding Author Rank to your pages.

    1. AuthorRank Builds ReputationThe publishing history of articles along with rel=”author” tag and the reciprocal link from the author’s Google+ Profile decides the authority of that author. Adopting Authorship will help in building your authority. So implement Author Rank immediately before your competitors take advantage of it.


    1. Author Rank Prefers Primary Source PublishersIn Authorship, even primary source publishers can claim ownership for their content. Though this may not completely prevent other third party sites from using your content, this atleast allows to claim Authorship to your content. By using rel=”canonical” tag you can tell Google that you have included same content in different places ( like document in HTML and PDF format) deliberately and which is the primary one among them


    1. Authorship Brings Quick BenefitGoogle’s Author Rank can bring quick benefit to your page which is very fast than others like Page Rank. Though Google’s John Mueller has stated that they are not using author’s reputation score for ranking a page currently, adopting to it now itself will help you to get its full advantage after implementation. That is new authors require some time to build their Author Rank and if you start it right now you can get immediate benefit once it is implemented.


    1. Authorship – Easy Optimising Method For Media FormatBy adding author tag you can make Google to give equal importance to non-text elements (like media) on your post as given to text elements. Also, adding simple HTML tag rel = “author” is very easy than including micro format description for your media content which is currently used for optimising non-text elements.


    1. Author Rank Potentially Removes SpamWhen more and more authoritative sources occupy the top list of search results, the number of spams appearing on top list will be reduced and finally will be deceased completely. So this is one of the strong reasons for adopting Authorship.


    1. Authorship Helps Third Party PublishersAuthor Rank gives preference to third party publishers also who do not have any past written authoritative posts. You can increase the authority of your site by asking authoritative writers to write to your post. However, Authorship means the reputation of the author and the site on which they write will also receive the importance depending on Author Rank of the author rather than the content. That is writers with high Author Rank can start to create contents for new sites to build their SEO.


  1. Authorship – Easy To BuildThe importance of rel =”author” tag in Google’s search result is increasing. But it has to be easier to add the tag into your site template and should also reduce the effort of stating about the author every time the author’s page is published. You can add Authorship to new sites by just including the page’s author tag to its header template which will be used automatically for every new page you publish. Then you have to just add a reciprocal link from your Google+ Profile to the site to make Authorship more strong.

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