Google+ and Google My Business’ Role in Your Local SEO

Google+ and Google My Business Role in Your Local SEO

A recent study by Hobspot tells that around 50% of small businesses which depends on local SEO considers Google+ as an unavoidable marketing strategy.  Moreover Google has also combined the working of  both Google+ and Google Local to enhance their local search. This means small businesses should consider these two as most important marketing strategies and should combine both to work well for their local search engine ranking. But many do not have clear idea about this. Well this article will answer all your questions about using Google+ and Google Local combiningly for your local search ranking.



Google+ Usage

  1. Sign Up In Google+ Local Page

Till few days back you hardly had only two ways for using Google’s local SEO. You could use either Google Local page or normally used Google+ page. But it was very difficult to differentiate a business and a personal page. Now you can register for new local page which helps you to enhance your local search ranking.


Also recently unveiled that Google search engine will index these new local pages too. Though Google+ Local doesn’t have any direct link with your organic search rankings, it does provides more information about your business to searchers.

  1. Take Full Advantage Of Google+ Powers

Google+ is extremely powerful as it includes lot of reliable resources which can add strength to your local search marketing campaign and is freely available. It also enhances your ranking because it helps to target specific group of people through customized marketing messages done easily using Google+ segmentation tool.


Local SEO Optimization

  1. Research

Start with research. You have to know everything about the online behaviour of your audiences. Explore for search queries that are used by people in your locality and test their competitive level. You can use Goole’s AdWords keyword research tool to do this.


  1. Optimize

With Google Analytics track each and every search activities that are relevant to your business. Even MOZ suggests to run Google Analytics for atleast two weeks before any of your local SEO activities. You have to check whether your site is browser compatible (on major browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.) and SEO centric. That is you will have to optimize your meta descriptions for local SEO and have to include local information on all the pages of your site.

  1. Up-to-date

As always SEO is an ever evolving field. The strategies that are powerful now will not be as much after few months. Google is also constantly updating their search and social components to enhance their user’s experience. So apart from just monitoring your site and digital branding, you have to be up to date about your local SEO changes.


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