Google Hangouts – Must For Success

Google+, launched by Google two years back, has emerged as second most popular social networking site in the world. According to the report of Global WebIndex conducted by a consultancy Trendstream in London, Google+’s number of users have increased from 90 million to 343 million in a Month. With this huge increase, Google+ has moved ahead of Twitter (288 million users) and got second place after Facebook (693 million users).
The huge and rapid growth of Google+ is due to the reliable features incorporated into it. The most important feature that made Google+ to rule the social networking world is the free video chat feature, Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts allows maximum of 10 people to video chat simultaneously from their PC, laptop or smartphone without the need of any specific equipment.
The other video conferencing service akin to Hangout, Skype, launched 8 years back has around 30 million users. Though Skype allows maximum of 25 people to video chat in a single conference call, Hangout’s other features along with video conferencing makes it dominant.

Google Hangouts - Must For Success

Google Hangouts – Must For Success

Features Of Google Hangouts That Makes It Dominant
Following features makes people to move on from Skype to Google Hangout.

  1. Allied Video Conference Service
    Google Hangout has incorporated applications of Google Drive, one of which helps people to fulfill their need of sharing documents. With Hangout people can view/edit document, spreadsheet or presentation in live along with parallel run of video chat.
  2. Live Streaming Of Webinars
    Newly added feature “Hangouts On-Air” will allow users of 18+ age to live stream their Hangout to people in their Google+ circle and to 80 million users of YouTube. The easy usage of “On-Air” to communicate to over 1000 people in parallel forces people to consider “On Air” instead of Go ToMeeting or other webinar applications.
    This video hosting platform also allows users to upload their Hangouts easily to YouTube immediately after recording and make it available to anyone across world.


Business Applications Of Hangouts


Hangouts are also incorporated with many useful business applications.

  1. No Need to Install
    Unlike other video chat services or webinar program (Skype & Go ToMeeting), Google Hangouts do not require installation to use it. Instead it requires only Google account along with web access. That is over 425  million users of Gmail can join Hangout through their Google+ profile by just signing into their account.
  2. Free Allied Features
    With Google Hangouts anyone can video chat, share any files like image or YouTube  videos, view/edit  documents, spreadsheets or presentations live with anyone  across world. Most important thing is that all above features can be done in parallel using single browser which is very simple and easy than any other applications.
  3. Extensive Reach
    With Hangouts businesses can potentially reach even unknown individuals or organizations. Video conferencing applications like Skype allow to reach only the users who are connected already. But Hangout allows you to broadcast to YouTube users who do not even know about your business and thus makes your business reach more new people across world.

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