Google Pixel – A Phone Made by Google

 (The venture of the search giant into the mobile world)

Google is an American multinational company related to internet services and products like online advertising, cloud computing and software. Most of the profit to Google is made by the Adwords an online service that places advertising near the list of search results. Google has made the Android OS that is powering almost every device in the world, Google has always been a company that has been selling to the brands. Recently they have made a great jump into the technology world by making products by themselves.

Google Pixel Nexus Smartphone

A company that is sold to the brands:

Google has always been a company that is sold to the brands Google started its venture in to the technology by making the Nexus smartphones. These phone were designed by Google and marketed by Google but the entire manufacturing process was done by OEM makers like Moto, LG, Samsung, HTC etc..

Google also made the chrome cast in the mid 2013 that also made a significant remark in the technology industry the chrome cast is a media player device that can stream audio and video wirelessly from the internet or a local network.

Besides being a company that has been always selling to the brands, Google is making something of itself for its customers.

Made By Google:

The search giant Google has finally taken a new venture into making something on its own for their customers, the giant leap that Google took has become a trending topic as people are eagerly waiting for their new device to hit market to get their hands on to see what Google has made for them.

The Pixel:

Google announced its long waited Smartphone’s Pixel and Pixel Xl on October 2016. The Phone comes with new additions and latest technology built in. the phone is said to have best camera ever in the smartphone history. Google has made this phone all by itself for its customers and the pre-booking of the phone will start on October 13 2016. The phone is considered to be a rival to the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus.

 A Phone that Understands:

Google Pixel is the 1st phone to feature a built in Google assistant, the artificial intelligence that can respond to your voice and reply accurately with the exact answer and stuff you need, just turn on the assistant and ask it anything and you’ll get answers in an instant. It is the same as Apple’s Siri. Google also said that Google assistant will soon work on 3rd party android devices.

A phone that can see:

Google has loaded the phone with a 12.3MP primary camera with larger 1.55µm pixels at f/2.0 for even brighter photos and secondary 8MP with 1.4µm pixels at f/2.4. Dxo mark has rated the camera to be the best smart phone camera ever.

Forget about Storage:

Google Pixel Storage

Google just announced that Pixel users will get unlimited storage in their cloud for storing photos and videos. This also includes 4k videos, this offer is not for a limited period but a life time offer.

Get Closer:

Google loaded the pixel phone with Google duo that has made distance disappear it can get you connected with the person you like in seconds and has made video calling even easier.

Superior Build:

The phone is made of seamless glass aluminum body with smooth surface and easy to grip curved edges in an ergonomically designed manner the back side of the phone has the G branding in it and a finger print sensor. The phone also comes with a 1.6Ghz Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 with 4GB RAM.

Cinematic Display:

The pixel comes with a 5.00 inch AMOLED capacitive touch display at a resolution of 1080×1920 at 441 ppi. The Pixel XL comes with a same 5.5 inch quad HD display.

Last Longer:

The Pixel phones can last for more than a day at average usage. The pixel comes with a 2770mAh and the pixel XL comes with a 3450mAh battery.


Models of Google Pixel Smartphone

The Pixel phone is available in 32GB/128GB variants and is available in Quite black and Very silver colors with Very blue being a limited edition, it is not available in India.

  • The Pixel 32GB is priced at Rs. 57,000
  • The Pixel 128GB is priced at Rs. 66,000
  • The Pixel XL 32GB is priced at Rs. 67,000
  • The Pixel XL 128GB is priced at Rs. 76,000
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  1. on November 3, 2016
    Tochukwu says:

    Please how much is the price?

    • on November 4, 2016
      Rajendira Prasad says:

      Hi, Tochukwu

      The price starts form 650 USD, And it will get vary depends on regions & retailers. Shot while will update the price list on country wise for all models. If you have any other concern let me know, I will clarify it.

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