Top 6 Reasons to Buy Google’s Pixel instead of iPhone7 Plus

Googe vs iPhone

It’s been a few days since the search giant launched their new mobile the Pixel and Pixel XL. The direct competitors for the iPhone7 Plus. I know that you guys have been on a great confusion in which one to buy the iPhone or the Pixel? Well here are my top 6 reasons why you should buy Google Pixel instead of iPhone7.

Google Pixel1: Display:

When I saw the Pixel phone the 1st thing I noticed was the bright display Quad HD display. While iPhone7 Plus, had only a … Read More »

Google Pixel – A Phone Made by Google

Google Pixel Smartphone

 (The venture of the search giant into the mobile world)

Google is an American multinational company related to internet services and products like online advertising, cloud computing and software. Most of the profit to Google is made by the Adwords an online service that places advertising near the list of search results. Google has made the Android OS that is powering almost every device in the world, Google has always been a company that has been selling to the brands. Recently they have made a great jump into the technology … Read More »

Google’s Annual AdWords at May 5th Set For Livestream

google adwords

On May 5, 2015 at 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET, Jerry Dischler will be hosting a livestream to share these new products. we can watch the 45-minute event live, on the Inside AdWords blog.

Jerry Dischler the Vice President of AdWords, will be hosting the 45-minute livestream, which is available on the Inside AdWords blog.  The theme will be mobile’s growing role in the customer journey

google adworld livestream

Jerry Dischler said in the blog post, that the products that are designed to:

  • Create better mobile experiences for your customers at the
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How to Use the Google+ Effectively?

google plus

Google +, new addition of Google, is a social networking service. This includes Google + 1 which helps users to find useful information. Small business cannot compete with big businesses in search result ranking. But Google + makes even small companies visible in search result along with big companies.

When users get exactly what they are looking for from your website, they can click on Google+ 1 which makes your site to reach the contacts of the users automatically.

Following are some tips for best use of Google+1

  1. Sign Up
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A New Visual Tool Announced by Google For Web Design


Neal Mohan, Google’s Vice President of Display Advertising, has recently announced about Google’s new advertisement app called Web Designer in DoubleClick Advertiser blog. Google Web Designer is being developed to help advertisers and publishers to build creative web ads and web content assests using HTML5. This creative development tool will be available in few months as a separate tool as well as within DoubleClick Studio and AdMob. With the integrated version of the tool, you can use Google platforms instead of building HTML5 creative.

On hearing the name, Web Designer, … Read More »

List out of SEO Factors in Google SEO Starter Guide


Google webmaster guideline does not include some SEO factors which are as important as content for better ranking. Following are some SEO factors which Google has not mentioned

  1. Keywords

Choosing best targeting keyword is very important for generating traffic to your site. Use keyword research tool to get traffic driving keywords. It is better to choose a short one than long keywords.

Since keywords are one of deciding factors for ranking, choose it wisely.

  1. Links

Links are second most important SEO factor after content. Following are some ways to … Read More »

Google+ and Google My Business’ Role in Your Local SEO

business role

Google+ and Google My Business Role in Your Local SEO

A recent study by Hobspot tells that around 50% of small businesses which depends on local SEO considers Google+ as an unavoidable marketing strategy.  Moreover Google has also combined the working of  both Google+ and Google Local to enhance their local search. This means small businesses should consider these two as most important marketing strategies and should combine both to work well for their local search engine ranking. But many do not have clear idea about this. Well this article … Read More »

How to do International SEO?

international seo

The SEO international targets has multi facet and requires a different approach than a SEO within a single country. The most important thing is that how you structure your domain name and your URL.

You can identify and approach in any one of three ways given below as to mention the country the website is targeting and/or its language.

  • Using a top-level domain name (TLD)
  • Using subdomains
  • Using subdirectories


Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

In simple words, it can be defined as the extension that follows your registered name. For example, … Read More »

Why SEO Retainer is Compulsory for Your Business?


In today’s digital world, website with good online visibility is very essential for any type of business. Online visibility can be enhanced by SEO. Professional SEOs can expose your brand to large population. But choosing the correct SEO firm is very important. The firm should understand your needs and objectives and should have complete knowledge about your business.

Why SEO Retainer is Compulsory for Your Business?

Why SEO Retainer is Compulsory for Your Business?

To choose the best one, explore for the best SEO firms and select one based on your needs. SEO is mostly used during development … Read More »

Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate Of Your Site


The main aim of building a website is to drive more customers and sales lead for a business. But many websites instead of engaging customers makes them go back which is known as bounce rate. Following are some reasons for increased bounce rate of a site.

Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate Of Your Site

Reasons For Increased Bounce Rate Of Your Site

  1. Annoying Pop Up Ads

Some sites include unnecessary pop up ads which interrupts again and again without allowing visitors to view the content. Some other sites include videos or musics or podcasts which starts by itself … Read More »