Google’s Important Ranking Factors

Google’s Important Ranking Factors

Google’s Pigeon, Penguin and Panda updates have changed the ranking factors of websites. Following are the two important SEO factors for high ranking in Google.

Natural Back links

Even after many updates, back links are still continuing as most important SEO factor. But the two important things to be considered are anchor text and the quality of the links.

Try to use different anchor texts while back linking your site. Always link to quality sites which prove to be highly beneficial. Avoid the links from spammy or from bad sites/directories. You can identify good links with Google’s disavow tool.

Social Networks

Marking good presence in social medias is a good ranking strategy in Google. Sign up in popular social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. and offer unique articles, special offers and gifts to people to make them your followers. Google will consider the site with more followers as high quality site.

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