Google’s Updated Spam Detection Algorithm

Google has updated its spam detection algorithm to increase the number of reviews on Google+ Pages and to filter the fake reviews which is strictly prohibited by Google.

google update

Following are Google’s advice for companies and SEO professionals regarding review.

  1. Google advices SEO professionals and business owners to avoid fake reviews.
  2. All the reviews should be posted by reviewers personally. Reviews posted on behalf of other people will not be accepted.
  3. Some companies tell their customers to post their reviews for the offers/discounts. Google tells these companies to use only reminder emails for their customer’s review and the reviews should be posted on customers own concern.
  4. Reviewers can post their review only for any one branch of a business if it has many.
  5. Review by the worker of the company is not valid.
  6. Avoid links in the review.
  7. Google has stated that it will not consider the negative reviews of businesses. But advices these businesses to give their immediate reply for such reviews.

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