Guidelines of Mobile App Optimization

With the increase in use of mobile devices, the need for mobile app is also increasing. Gartner’s research proves that above 185 billion applications will be downloaded before 2014. This explains the importance of mobile application since mobile marketing can bring large scope for your business. Google Play and Apple App Store includes around 700,000 apps. Hence following guidelines will help you to make your app reach your audience.

Guidelines of Mobile app optimization

Guidelines of Mobile app optimization

    1. Label of Your App
      The first influencing factor of mobile app optimization is the label which you choose for your app. The name should be attractive as well as should well describe the use of the app by itself since people search and locate your app through its name. It will be better if you choose a name that starts with alphabet “A” since they will be listed alphabetically.

Label of The Publisher
Like your app’s label, app publisher label is also equally considered as an important factor for ranking. So give more attention to publisher label by including app related targeting keywords or search phrases in it.

Meta Description
A SEO guideline describes meta descriptions as an important factor for enhancing ranking. This similarly applies to mobile app optimization also. Along with good description include eye pleasing images, icons and instructional videos which will make many to download your app.

Track Downloads
Google Play and Apple App Store looks at the download rate of your app for ranking. The application which is most downloaded by many will get high ranking. But just by getting high download rate once will not help for better ranking. Your app’s every week growth percentage will be considered for ranking your app.

User’s Rating For Your App
Give more importance to rating which people give your app since highly rated apps will be ranked highly. Google Play and Apple App Store also looks at the number of people uninstalling your app for ranking. Hence people’s rating is very important for better ranking

Following these basic guidelines, better optimise your mobile app.

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