How to Avoid Mistakes in SEO?

Active blogging on current topics of your niche can bring a lot of benefits to your business. It keeps your audiences engaged to your site and product. It builds trust and strong relation between you and your audiences. It also helps you to reach new audiences. But all these are possible only when your blog is properly SEO optimised. Following are some SEO mistakes that should be avoided.

  1. Overdependence On Keywords

Using keywords is a must to target the type of audiences you want. But using them repeatedly in many places may alienate them instead of engaging. So write about what people exactly look for in interesting way. If they really find it useful, they will be interested to come back to your site again and also refer to others.

  1. Inactive Blogging

If you don’t upload new posts regularly, people will get bored and stop coming back to your blog. This will result in loss of your audiences. So keep posting new things which can make people stick to your site.

  1. Site Without Your Control

Using free hosting service will bring in lot of problems. You cannot have your own name for your blog ( which should be strictly avoided. Also you cannot control the themes and plugins of your site. Instead you can use WordPress or Joomla or other CMS with which you can have complete control of your site. You may have to pay for domain name (around 12$), hosting package (starts from 50$) and theme (around 50$ to 100$). It’s not too high. But you can completely control your site and better optimise it.

  1. Poor Design

Your logo and your site’s design are the first factor with which people decide the standard of your site and business. If your site is poorly designed, people won’t even desire to stay on your site. Including value rich content can make people to engage. But only appearance of your site can drag people towards your site.

  1. Poor Post Description

Your post description itself should explain about the content of your post. You can use one or two keywords. But the description should be clear to understand easily.


You cannot get back the SEO results immediately. Lot of research for correct SEO for your business and periodic update of your blog with useful contents of your audience’s interest can drive significant traffic to your blog.

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