How To Avoid Mistakes In Web Design?

Every web designer designs a site with the intention of making it success in achieving its goal. But because of some design mistakes the success of their site becomes merely impossible. When people come across annoying factors like slow loading of site, unpleasant color theme and unclear fonts, broken links and too many pop-up windows, they will simply quit and never come back to such sites. So designers have to make sure that the site they design should enhance the comfort zone of users and should make them come back again and again. By avoiding following web design mistakes, you can reduce the bounce rate of your site effectively.

  1. Slow Loading Of Pages

In today’s fast world, no one has time to wait for anything. If your site takes long time to load a page, your users get annoyed and may leave your site immediately. So check your site’s load time and see whether you have made the big mistake of including large size or large number of graphic files. Unless you know to include large graphics with fast load time, always use less number of graphics on your site.

  1. Poor Fonts

One of the most problematic issues that users face in many sites is the annoying font size. Using extremely small size fonts may help you to fit your content in given space. But just imagine how it would look on high resolution screens. They will not be clear and the readers will find it extremely hard to read your content.

On other hand, using large fonts will make your page look ugly and unattractive. If your users are viewing your site in small resolution screen, they may have to scroll the window for each and every line to read completely which will irritate them a lot.

So refer the font size used in other sites and ask people of all age group whether they can read the texts on your site clearly. If they have any problem with the text size on your site, then you may have to work out.

  1. Unpleasant Color Theme

The color theme and site appearance is the main factor which creates positive impact about your site on user’s mind. So the colors and the theme which you use to design your site should invite the visitors and should make them to look more pages of your site. For example, you can use black font color on white background, standard color for links (so that it will be clear for users) or can use graphic bar and limited number of attractive graphics without disturbing its appearance.

  1. Links Opening In Same Tab

Many websites include some links which directs the users to other webpages or sites. But the mistake which they do is letting the links open in same tab which may confuse the users from where they started and where they have landed as all of this happens in a fraction of minute. So letting the links in your site to open in new tab will make your users fell comfortable in using your site.

  1. Annoying Pop Up Windows

Every web designer designs their site with the intention that more visitors should visit their site and get impressed. But whats the use of site that is best designed and has best content but has lot of interruptions like pop up ads or chat windows or other applications that starts without user’s permission. Your visitors will not have patience to close all the windows just to read a piece of information on your site. So always avoid such interruptions which may interrupt your users from viewing your site.

As a web designer, your primary goal should be to provide best possible user experience to your visitors. So avoid all the above mistakes and design a site by giving first preference to user experience always.

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