How to Build your Website SEO Friendly?

With the change of time SEO has also changed a lot. The number of SEO agencies have increased, the role played by each and everyone within the agencies have increased, spamming have been deceased and lot more changes. But still one SEO strategy that is ignored even now is website design.

Your site’s design is the first thing that people see immediately when they open your site. Though your offer reliable service/product or upload trust contents on your site, people will just move out from your site if your site design is poor.

Customer’s loyalty and trust are very important for long term success of any business. Design and trust are strongly interlinked because if your site design can impress the visitors then there is no doubt in retaining them as your customers. This article explains about how web design plays a very important role in building trust and traffic to your site.

  1. Decease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the number of visitors who hits the back button immediately without looking at other pages of your site. If your site’s bounce rate is high, then the chance of your site landing in last page of search result is also high.

By enhancing your site design you can reduce the bounce rate very easily. Enhancing the design does not mean that you have to spend more money and time in developing your site. Just give your site a professional look which has easy navigation, clearly visible information rich content and can build a healthy relation and trust between you and your customers.

  1. Enhance Conversion Rate

Along with your site’s look, its layout is also very important. Ugly website is due to the lack of proper planning. So before designing your site, decide the goal of your site, type of audiences it has to target, its business goal etc.

Overall your site should fulfil the needs of your visitors on visiting your site. Planning well before and fixing the issues in developing stage itself will prevent the loss of money and time and also helps to shape your site exactly the way you want.

  1. Poor Design Makes Good Content Useless

Including useful and engaging content is very essential as it decides the success rate of your site. But what is the use of those contents if your visitors moves out of your site even before reading because of poor design.

So make your contents clearly visible with eye pleasing font colour and should be well organised so that your visitors find it easy to read your content.

  1. Builds Customer Loyalty, Brand Reputation

A customer decides the quality of your site and brand based on your site’s appearance. Including images of your products is good way to tell your customers about your products. But overdoing it just to fill the space of your site will not work.

Always include your accurate contact details in the main pages of your site and the visitors should be able to find it easily. Your design should make your brand reach your customers and should make them know your identity. Include contents which will be shared more through social sites, can bring more links and can make customers to consider your brand as most loyal and trustworthy.

  1. Betters Your Outreachand Builds Backlinks

Link building is very expensive as well as time consuming process. But high quality links can generate more traffic to your site. So often link builders will search for good link prospects and send personalised outreach emails to build links. But if the link prospect visits your site and if they don’t like it, then they will not link to your site.

So with enhanced website design you can gain the trust of people and can enhance your business effectively.

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