How to improve small business using SEO?

Many people do not have positive view about small business SEO. Their notion is that small business SEO requires lot of investments, time and hard work and yet they cannot stand against big businesses. But following points will explain about actual SEO of small businesses and how they help in raising their visibility.

  1. Proper On-Page Optimization

You have to start your effort with proper optimization of on page content and meta fields.  You can take the help of a SEO expert to make keyword research for you. They can guide you in including right keywords in right places, proper designing of your page structures and creating detailed meta descriptions. Also create an XML site map with the help of your SEO expert and submit it to Google for regular crawl by search bots. All these strategies will help you to enhance your site visibility online.

  1. Fully Responsive Design

Today mobile marketing has turned to be the most powerful tool in marketing. You can target mobile devices very easily with latest Content Management Systems like WordPress. You can usesuch CMS to build responsive site that fits the loading screen size automatically. Apart from that you can also create a separate mobile site and can use plugins like WPtouch or WordPress Mobile Pack to manage them.

Check your site loading in different browsers and devices and make sure that its appearance is good across all.

  1. Local SEO

Local SEO is really worth for small businesses since the competition level is very less when compared to organic search.

To optimize your site for local SEO, first include your contact details in clearly visible places in your site. You can create a separate contact or location page for your site. Also while optimizing the on page, you can use location based targeting keywords. That is including your city or area name with your keywords will help you to rank well in location based search.

Next is to focus on web citations. So include your local address and phone number in Google places, Bing Places and Yagoo Local listings and also in local directories like Super Pages, Manta and Yext. Make sure that you use same contact details in all directories and listings.

Some of these services allow their customers to review your business and leave their comments. Make sure that you read their every single comment and react to their complaints and suggestions which help to enhance your service.

  1. Creative Contents

Simply including some content will not help in any way. Your content has to be useful, creative and should be written in interesting way. But it is possible only for large companies to invest more for creating such contents.
Small companies which cannot spend money for contents can create it in a different way. You can conduct a contest and ask your users to write about your products/services or you can even use quotes and testimonials of your customers to create contents. You can create good contents without investments or efforts in such ways very easily. Try to create contents using different mediums and formats.

  1. Quality Backlinks

Next factor is link building which many small businesses find difficult. One easy way to overcome this difficulty is guest posting your articles in other sites of your niche. You can hire guest writers to write for you if you cannot write yourself. This will build links for your site overtime. Apart from link building it also helps in increased credibility and brand reach of your business.

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