How to optimize the website using SEO?

Does your business site appears on the last page of search result? You don’t need to worry. This article lists down SEO tips which will move your site to the top of search result.

  1. Register on Directories

You have to start with directories. Register your site on major directories which will enhance your ranking effectively.

  1. Include Keyword Rich Title Tags

Tags are the texts in the html code of your site which describes your site to search engine robots.

Page Titles:You have to include keyword rich and unique title tags for each and every page of your site. Title tags are the blue texts displayed in search engine results and are used to define the site to both visitors and search robots. So the title should contain 5-10 words (approximately 60 characters) that includes keywords related to your business and also should best describe the content on the page.

Product Titles: Next is product titles which are very important for Google. Include titles that well describes your products. Always use different titles for each and every product.

Image Titles: Many do not give much importance to image titles since search engine robots cannot recognise images. But search robots can analyse images through their titles and rank accordingly. So image titles are very important for your SEO.

  1. Optimize Your URL

Your URL is the identity of your site through which both people and search engines identify you. So include keywords in your URL that are short and easy to remember. You can also include hyphens to separate the keywords and avoid using long numbers which may confuse people.

  1. Start Your Blog

Blogs are the best way to interact with your customers and also helps to know the comments of your customers about your business. Search engines consider customer rating as very important ranking factor. So include articles which are informative as well as keyword rich to impress your readers. If they really find the articles useful, they will give their likes which will increase your site rating.

  1. Upload Attractive Content

Contents are always important for SEO. So upload fresh and attractive contents on your site periodically. Bold your keywords and give clear look to your content by leaving enough space and by using bullets and tags. When you repeat same content in another place, search engines consider it as duplicate content. So avoid duplicating the contents to prevent penalties.

  1. Maximise the Hypertext Links of Your Page

Search engines analyse a site or a blog with the help of Google’s Page Rank. If your Page Rank is high, then your ranking will also be high. For high Page Rank you have to generate more links to your pages just by linking with other sites.

  1. Use Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is a free analysis tool that provides useful information like number of visitors, most viewed pages, type of browsers used etc. These information will help you to know about what your visitors like about your site and what they don’t like. So you can rectify it and make your site even better.

Adapting to above SEO tips will definitely move your site to the top position and will drive more traffic.

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