How To Plan The Strategy of Web Desgin?

Website – basic communication link between an organization and its customers. So web design is very important which has to be done with proper planning. Following are web design strategies to be considered for designing dynamic website.

  1. Set Goal

First basic step in web design is to identify your exact goal. You have to identify website type and its purpose. You can identify the goal by using card storming method among your stakeholders.

In this method, you can ask your stakeholders to write down website goals in the card and can decide one from top goals.

  1. Identify Visitors Type

Next step is to identify the type of visitors to whom you are designing your website. You have to know their age, gender, profession, likes, needs and also their technical knowledge. You can identify these by conducting interactive exercises and interviews and through analysis.

  1. Select Brand Logo

Based on your brand you have to choose your brand logo which can convey the brand message to your customers effectively. With the help of your web designers, choose right colour and design that can exactly express your brand message to the customers.

  1. Design User-Centric Website

Designing your website as user centric is very important. Design should definitely include user’s needed information and easy navigation. By knowing about which information users prefers to see first, you can include them in all important or most viewed pages.

  1. Analyse Your Result

With the help of analytic tracking system, you have to check how users use your website. One of such tracking systems that can help you to track is Google Analytics.

Ensure that the website fulfils the goal which you have established first while planning. Make sure that your website is designed as you have planned so that it gives back great results.

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