How Twitter Marketing Improve Your Business?

Over past few years Twitter has gained more popularity and hence it has become the most preferred online marketing platform by many entrepreneurs and marketers. Popular brands like Dell, Starbucks etc. have used this online platform for their marketing. This is because similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter also helps in reaching your consumers and enhances the probability of their engagement very effectively.

Basic Fundamentals

Its very important to know about some basics of Twitter that helps to give a great start for beginners.

  1. Start by identifying some marketing strategies of Twitter for your company.
  2. Then create a Twitter Policy for your marketing processes.
  3. Create an engaging profile for your business on Twitter.
  4. Use performance metrics to measure your Twitter marketing level and make necessary enhancements.

Content Marketing Strategies

I personally feel that Twitter marketing is much easier than Facebook marketing. Because Twitter allows to include 140b characters in your content. So you have to make your profile look great which can grab people’s attention as well as helps in large brand reach. Following are some Twitter marketing tactics to engage your customers.

  1. You can make your followers to discuss about something on your Twitter page by posting some questions. This way your followers will engage with your page and ultimately with your business.
  2. You can also share some quotes related to your business. You can also share links of your blog posts, guest posts or other news posts related to your niche. Use photos or videos or their links to make your tweet media rich. All these will encourage your followers to retweet and thus engage to your brand.

Twitter marketing is little bit difficult than other social media marketing since the number of characters is limited to 140. But still Twitter marketing can drive in followers and generate leads to your business.

Research On Competitors Twitter Marketing

Look at your competitor’s Twitter profile and view their tweets, retweets and other engaging factors. All these will give you a clear idea about do’s and don’ts of online content marketing. Now you can create a powerful Twitter marketing plan for your business.

Other Engagement Tactics For Twitter Marketing

  1. You can make your company’s executives like CEO to interact with your customers/followers to make them know everything about you.
  2. Announcing some attractive offers/deals to your followers will grab them to your page and also make them to retweet to others.
  3. You can tweet live updates on your corporate or social events which helps your followers to know everything about you up to date.
  4. Use some tools like Argyle Social, HootSuite and Buffer to monitor, measure and manage your Twitter marketing campaign.

Though conversion from Twitter is difficult than other social platforms, it can definitely maximise lead generation and conversion when done correctly over time.

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