Impact of Search Marketing Integration for the Enhanced SEO

Impact of Search Marketing Integration

Every time when Google updates its algorithm, SEO tactics will also gets changed. Hence person who sticks to older SEO practises will have to change to current SEO trends where only individuality, quality and social engagement will work. Frequent search algorithm update lead to frequent SEO evolution and the recent one is Search Marketing Integration (SMI).

Impact of Search Marketing Integration for the Enhanced SEO

Impact of Search Marketing Integration for the Enhanced SEO

SMI will become the primary factor for top ranking in few years. Due to search engines frequent updation for filtering the quality sites, site’s SEO has to be overlapped with marketing factors to bring success. Following explains the impact of SMI on marketing.

Brand Reach

Google has added the brand reach of an organisation as one of the ranking factors in its Penguin Update. That is the brand which is more popular can achieve top ranking very easily. Hence along with other strategies, SEO must well promote the brand to gain more and more popularity.

Along with this focus on link building also by including brand related anchor texts, which will bring more links thereby increasing the traffic rate.

PR Channels

SMI gives more important to PR channels. Print publications are striving hard to get their digital market share they won few years back and also many got it back successfully due to their high reputation. Hence a company’s strong relation with these print media will have a good impact on their online visibility. So give more attention to press releases and interviews to build strong relation with magazines and newspapers which will have strong influence on SMI.


SEM Campaigns

According to ComScoresuggests report, search visibility can be increased three times more by display and video ads. This proves that an organisation’s organic search ranking can be enhanced by Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. Google’s study has also revealed that ads can increase the CTR and move your site to the top of organic search list.


Video Marketing

Next important factor is video marketing which has grown into dynamic SEO tactic. Hence Google has also started including images and videos in the search result when it finds they are related to search queries. Forrester study shows that the chance of a site to move to first place on SERP is 53 times more with video integration. Also one out of three B2B decision makers uses video for getting information. Statistics prove that the sales lead increases 64% more due to product related videos. Hence videos are very important for enhancing search visibility.


Engaging Content

Content will be the basic factor which explains about your products/services to your customers. Hence you should be able to create informative and engaging content which decides the success of your SEO. Apart from blog posts, you can create videos, eBooks, presentations etc. and can use it as marketing automation campaign which increases your sales lead.

Social Media


Your social presence is looked on by search engines to measure your quality. Social media has strong impact on all marketing campaigns. Apart from search visibility, social media also has tracking capability. While Facebook includes conversion tracking, Google Analytics helps to know about social conversions. Starting with social media marketing agency can help for better SMI.


All the organizations are not same. Though they differ in many strategies like infrastructure, products/services, number of departments etc. adopting to SMI will generate more leads to the organization.

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